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Do I Need to Have 10 Year Old Saline Implants Replaced?

It has been 10 years since I had my saline breast implants. I have slight rippling and one is slightly higher than other and they are too far apart.... READ MORE

Do Cohesive Gel Breast Implants Require Replacement After 10 Years?

Had my consult with my PS. He said salines could last a lifetime given there are no problems. He said that cohesive gel silicones would require... READ MORE

Can Injection Breast Gel Be Remove and Replace with Silicon/saline?

I am 37 yrs old,from oversea.10 yrs ago I went for breast implant because I have unbalance breast size but I woke up with just gel injection so they... READ MORE

Breast Implant Exchange. Do I Need a Lift? (photo)

I currently have saline 375cc. BA done 10 yrs ago. The doctor that did them said he could place a larger implant in, remove some tissue so that the... READ MORE

Redo Breast Augmentation?

I had my subglandular augmentation done about 9 or 10 years ago. I was mostly happy with the surgeon had very little pain, no noticeable scarring.... READ MORE

Could I Go for a Moderate Plus Profile Implant ?

Having implants replaced after 13 years due to rupture. On the whole happy with shape and size, however noticed my breasts sit wide naturally and i... READ MORE

What is the Process for Having Augmentation 'Re'done?

Hello, I had breast augmentation ten years ago. I was doing some reading recently and saw that it is recommended to have them re done at ten years or... READ MORE

Augmentation Revision- Need Pocket Revision? (photos)

Updated from Augmentation Revision- New Pocket? So I had a BA 10 yrs ago with saline. Since then I had a son, and breast fed. I have totally... READ MORE

I'm 4'11 32-24.5-36. 106 lbs. Will a 375cc Mentor high profile silicone big too big for me? (photo)

I had ba 11 yrs ago and was a 34b before. Have 240cc R 265cc L Saline above muscle. I'm getting them done again I recently lost 20lbs and now have... READ MORE

Will Removing my 650/700cc Sub Muscular Saline Mentors Help Reduce or Eliminate my Chronic Neck and Upper Thoracic Pain? (photo)

I have had large implants for about 10 years. They caused me no pain or discomfort until about 4 years ago after I was in an accident. since this time... READ MORE

Are Drains Necessary with Capsulorraphy?

If I am having repair of breast implant pockets during a revision, are drains needed/necessary? I imagine there will be fluid post-surgery, but also... READ MORE

Should I Get Bigger Implants? (photo)

I have implants which I have had for 10 years. I'm now 29, 5 ft 6 and 118 pounds. (UK size 8). I was a size 12 when I had the implants and was a 34a-b... READ MORE

Having Implants Replaced and Want a Very Slightly Fuller Look. Was 225, Will 240 Be Adequate?

Hi, i was originally a 32aaa and so 225 was about as much as i could take 10 years ago. i was pleased with results and now replacing. would like a... READ MORE

Cost in Bay Area, California for Reconstruction? (photo)

I had breast augmentation surgery about 10 years ago, and have had no issues for all these years. In the last week or so, my left breast has felt... READ MORE

2 Weeks Post Breast Implant Revision and Left Breast is Hard and Right Breast is Soft?

Left breast is still really hard, and my right breast is so soft that I can't even feel an implant, my right also looks like there is more implant... READ MORE

I Am Having my 350cc Implants Redone with an Uplift and Wondered Whether a 320 Cc Would Give Me D Cup (Ish) Boob or Smaller?

I had an augmentation done about 10 years ago and the 350 cc implants gave me DD boobs that have grown to E/EE size which is too big. My surgeon says... READ MORE

10 yrs post op, I had 420cc & 470cc. I am 5 feet 115 lbs. How much cc's would you recommend to achieve size 32DD?

I got saline implants 10 years ago. The left 420 cc and right 470 cc. I wear 34 C bras but Victoria Secret measured me at 32 DD. I am getting silicone... READ MORE

Do I need breast implants in addition to a lift? Is it possible to have them closer together? (Photo)

Hi there, I had breast implant surgery a little over 10 years ago. I was very flat and went from an A to a small D (high profile/saline/under muscle).... READ MORE

Removing capsular contracture, not wanting lift, should I stay with same size? (Photo)

Have implants in for 11 years and I am a 34C, small frame, 5'6, 118 pds. After two kids, breast feeding, some capsular contraction going on. I really... READ MORE

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