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Sharp pulling pain in right breast behind nipple

Original BA in 2011. Silicone unders. CC revision in April 2014 in sub-glandular position. Second CC revision 11 days ago, sub-muscular. In 2011... READ MORE

11 days post opt breast augmentation with internal bra. They seem flat and small. Will they drop and fluff? (Photo)

I had breast revision done 11 days ago due to 350 cc saline implants bottoming out after 12 years. My PS recommended 425 cc silicone implants with... READ MORE

500cc implants so small on me. When I can I go for a revision?

Im 10 days post op and am very unhappy and upset with my breasts i wanted them to be HUGE. i have 500cc and 520cc and they are so tiny on me i loved... READ MORE

Do I Have a Displaced Implant, Its Rounded at Top, big Indentation on Side Ever Since Surgery 10 Days Ago? (photo)

Other Implant Perfect I had a breast implant exchange, 14 year old moderate silicone 500cc over muscle to moderate plus 500cc under muscle. Old... READ MORE

9 Days exchange implants op right side still swollen, not dropping what size bra should I be wearing? Should I massage? (photo)

Exchange the Silicone to HP 450cc right side already swollen after the Op same night,i been given to wear a sport Bra 70D, it is way too tight my skin... READ MORE

Will Being Able to Feel the Implant Edge Fade or Become Less Obvious After Time Following Surgery? (photo)

Got 1st BA (saline) 18 years ago after1st child when breasts shrunk to nothing once milk dried. Capsular contracture and rippling.10 days ago,... READ MORE

Denting After Symmastia Repair?

I am 10 days post symmastia repair, b4 i was 325CC over muscle, i went with 500CC under muscle but there is still denting, my PS has formed something... READ MORE

10 days post op, will this improve? (photos)

Hi, I am ten days post op and have had an implant replacement and nipple lift as I wanted them smaller as after my son my nipples had stretched and... READ MORE

Insicion burning after repositioning breast implants surgery 10 days after. Healing or should I be concerned? (photo)

Incision area is really tender and burning . I was wondering if this is a sign of something or its only healing process. Im 10 days postop . READ MORE

10 days post op capsular contracture significant bruising. Any suggestions? (photos)

I had BA 13yrs ago & wanted to get them redone as I've finished having kids.Im 34 years old & had 300cc in before that lost shape. So I wanted to go... READ MORE

Is It Possible to Fix L Implant Higher/fuller Than R? (photo)

I recently had my 3rd breast aug 1.5 wks ago.Things have settled,softened fast,prob due to previous breasts augs.But I notice L brease is... READ MORE

Can Saline Be Removed 6-7 Yrs Post Op?

I'm 5'3" & was approx 115-120lbs when I got my implants 6-7 yrs ago. I asked for full C, but was given full D. Dr said everyone who asks for C... READ MORE

WHY are we not allowed to run until 6 weeks post op revision? My revision was neosubpectoral placement to fix pocket (Photo)

I run 40 to 50 miles a week and very athletic. I am 10 days post op revision. I feel amazing and I feel healed. Shouldn't how quickly we can return to... READ MORE

Capsular contracture again ? (photos)

Hi, i'm 5"10, 150 lbs. I had, 6 months ago, my first BA with 420cc saline filled, moderate profile, transaxillary approach. I had mild capsular... READ MORE

Can strattice stretch? (Photo)

I'm post 11 days from a Revision BA using strattice for reoccurrence of capsular. My right side shape(left side in this picture) oval and left side... READ MORE

What is the best implant for someone with thin skin and very little breast tissue?

I did a revision from saline hp to sientra round hp 355 cc implants 10 days ago. I was hoping switching to silicone would get rid of the rippling I... READ MORE

Small swollen (new) lump, 10 Days Post revision with lift (no visible bruising)- very tender to touch

Since this am, left breast has a tender spot (small hardness that feels a little like a small swollen lump) on the top of the breast (so nowhere near... READ MORE

Does this look like capsular contracture? I'm 11 days post op (Photo)

I had my old 400cc implants removed and replaced with 650cc. I think i have capsular contracture?? READ MORE

10 days post op, Swelling increasing in Left breast. Concerned I may have a problem. (photos)

I had a breast revision surgery 12-29-14. Saw my doctor at 8 days post op. Doctor said everything is OK. At what point do I seek treatment for my Left... READ MORE

Is this normal after pocket revision and implant exchange? Severe burning still, can't stand for longer than a few min.

The pocket was so large he could see my back muscles, he used around 50 stitches to sew my muscle to my ribs. It is day 10 post op pain is little... READ MORE

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