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Is There Swelling After a Breast Augmentation Revision?

I had a BA last May to fix severe asymmetry. In my right breast there was 175cc put in and about 510cc in my left, my left was initially smaller but... READ MORE

1 day post op, why does my implant looks smaller for a 800cc silicone?

So i had my surgery yesterday,,,,,i ask for 800 cc from 475,..but my boobs looks like 600cc only...before my surgery i did a lot of 800cc silicone... READ MORE

Will Implant Drop After Double Bubble Revision?

I had double bubble revision surgery on my left breast just today. Will the implant drop? It is considerably higher and a different shape than my... READ MORE

Symmastia Repair 2nd BA?

I am my first day post my second ba, i had symmastia so i went in for correction, i've noticed that the cleavage area is still a little high, i have... READ MORE

Capsulorraphy Question?

I bottomed out on my right (1,5 cm lower) and had a capsulorraphy done yesterday. The implant stayed in and the docter just opened the crease under my... READ MORE

2nd breast augmentation, 575cc MPp to 800 cc HP and they look the same as before, why?

I am 1 day post op and this is my second breast augmentation, I am 5'5 and 5 years ago I got 575cc moderate plus profile silicone and I wore a 34DD... READ MORE

Post op day one revision- I had my pocket tightened on the left (bandage side). I am worried about how it is looking now (Photo)

I originally was having a revision due to my right pocket not being the correct size, but on the day my surgeon decided that my left pocket needed... READ MORE

Hematoma - Should I Get a Second Opinion? (photo)

1 day post op from a breast implant revision, I had developed rapid swelling and pressure in my right breast. Though my surgeon did not seem too... READ MORE

Altered medical records and wrong implants. What are my rights?

I had a BA in 1999 375cc's mentor right and left. Fast forward to now. Thought I had a leak bc I shifted and (r) look a smaller then ( L) implant. MRI... READ MORE

Yesterday I underwent surgery to fix my double bubble on my right. Does this look normal for this type of fix? (Photo)

Double bubble fix one day post op nightmare, although I am only one day post op I am extremely fearful that this does not look right. It looks to me... READ MORE

Revision, do I still have Capsular Contracture? (photos)

I just had a breast revision yesterday to get rid of the capsular contracture ("cc") in my right breast. I had my breast done a year ago and then 9... READ MORE

1 day post op. Revision and using breast strap

Yesterday I had my revision. Same doctor and he waived my fees had to pay 300 to go under which isn't bad considering! I am happy with the look but... READ MORE

Uneven breast alignment post augmentation surgery and revision surgery? (photo)

I got breast implants in March/16. Post op the right breast fold was lower than the right side. So the surgeon did revision surgery yesterday... READ MORE

Too small after being too big. (Photo)

I just had my surgery today. I am not happy with size. Surprise surprise. I once had 400 cc and removed them because I HATED how big they are. I then... READ MORE

Worried about my size. Is it too small? Will they look bigger after drop and fluff? (Photo)

I had my BA yesterday and I went from a B cup and now I'm a D bra. I had unders 410 cc. I want to know why I don't feel like they look like a D cup. I... READ MORE

Just had 300cc implants replaced with 500cc yesterday and already feel they are not big enough. Will they change? (Photo)

I had high profile 300cc saline implants for nearly 10 years and they were spaced too far apart. I went to my surgeon requesting silicone and larger... READ MORE

Breast augmentation revision done yesterday. How long should I wear the strap for?

I got breast implants 6 mths ago (submuscular - repaired muscle after insertion for extra support so implants were full unders). They never dropped. I... READ MORE

Nipples are not lined up after surgery. Are they likely to change? (Photo)

I had my old saline implants removals and replace with silicone implants yesterday . After feeling and looking, my nipples are not symmetrical - big... READ MORE

Capsular contracture revision - 7 days post op and maybe surgeon hasn't done planned work - still contracted or not? (photo)

Hi - I had a revision due to capsular contracture 7 days ago. Implants changed from 300cc overs to 330cc dual plane and planned capsulotomy but at... READ MORE

800cc looks small - 1 day post-op (photos)

I had surgery yesterday and I got the biggest cc u can In silicone gel , they are square like on the top and swollen please tell me they'll get bigger, READ MORE

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