Weight Loss + Breast Implant Removal

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Breast Implant Removal and Lift - Should I Lose Weight First?

I have had 650cc breast implants put in when my breasts were a saggy b cup and i weighed 150 lbs. I went through another preganancy last year and... READ MORE

Weight Loss After Explant? (photo)

Dear doctors, I have gained weight in the ~10 years since my implants. They started a 34c after aug and are now a 34 DD. if I explant and then lose... READ MORE

My implants have been in for 12 years and I am worried about how long they will last for. Can they be removed without scarring?

My implants have been in for 12 years and I am worried about how long they will last for, I have also lost a lot of weight and they look too obvious... READ MORE

Really desperate for some advice. 33 yrs old 295cc natrelle under muscle 10 weeks ago, so depressed (photos)

I am 33 yrs old had 295cc silicone under muscle 10 weeks ago. Very tiny 32a/aa before wanted to be c but ended up a 30dd. Very depressed as don't like... READ MORE

I'm having explant procedure done in 2 week & 6 weeks to heal before a lift. Will I lose all sensation with the lift? (photo)

I have had two BA. I should have had a lift initially but felt I was urged to do a saline implant instead. I then lost 25 lbs and was not happy with... READ MORE

I'm having my saline implants removed. Should I wait until I lose more weight? Current loss 10 pounds 30 more to go. (photo)

I am a 46 year old African American female. I teach dance and fitness so my breasts have always been an issue for me. I had them lifted in 2004 and a... READ MORE

Does weight loss help with the retraction phase after breast implant removal?

Should I loose all the weight intended before breast implant removal or would loosing weight while taking the breast implant removal help with the... READ MORE

I want to lose 20 lbs before getting an explant and lift. Should I get my consults done now or closer to my goal weight? (Photo)

Working on losing 20 lbs (now 155) before my explant/lift.I want to get started but don't want to have consult until it makes since.I got gummy... READ MORE

Explantation with lift together or wait and heal first before the lift? Also is it possible I would not need a lift? (Photos)

I can't decide if I should get the implants and capsule removed first then wait loose some weight then do a lift after that? READ MORE

Will I need an uplift after having an explant? (photos)

I had 445 silicone implants put in 2.5 years ago. I'm 23 years old skinny frame. I use to be a 32c - quite saggy after loosing just over 2 stone.... READ MORE

High Profile Breast Implant Removal. Is there any option for me to save a better look for my breast w/out replacing the implant?

I have high profile mentor gel implants . My breast were naturally fine but after weight loss and breast feeding they were little deflated . Consulted... READ MORE

What cup size is 570cc left breast and 475 cc removed from right breast?

I just got a reduction and I was told I had 570cc removed from my DDD/E left breast and 460 CC removed from the right breast and a DD/DDD . I 'm... READ MORE

Should I lose weight before breast implant removal? Is it still covered by OHIP in Ontario? (Photo)

I decided to get saline breast implants 11 years ago. After college I gained 50 lbs. I am currently 30 years old. The weight gain did NOT give me a... READ MORE

Are there any organizations that assist with the cost of removal?

Due to extreme weight loss and medical concerns I need to have my implants removed. Now being a single mom I can't afford it. The quote I received was... READ MORE

Losing weight, difficulty breathing, pain, lumps in left breast. Can this be an effect of silicone in my body/blood? (Photo)

Dear doctors, four years ago my implants had ro be removed because the left one shifted out of my breast muscle. It still hurts a lot and I have all... READ MORE

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