Uneven + Breast Implant Removal

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Removed Implants. The Left Breast Is Now Deformed and The Shape Has Changed. Can This Be Fixed?

I had implants for 5 months (300cc on both), and removed implants 5 weeks ago. As time goes, the shape of breast changes. I was told to massage the... READ MORE

Scar Tissue Left After Removing Breast Implants??

I had silicone breast implants and developed a capsular contracture on one breast. I got them removed 1 month ago and now I have developed a scar... READ MORE

Torn Muscle Causing Defect After Implant Removal? (photo)

I had breast implant 2 years ago. the first surgeon had torn muscle medial of right breast, the result was close to symmastia. Then 2nd doctor placed... READ MORE

Worry, After 8 Weeks of Implants Were Removed, my Right Breast is Distorted, Upper and Little Harder Than the Left One? (photo)

I only had my breast implant for 2 1/2 weeks ,I decided to removed Them,They were 450 cc silicone ,submammary insicion and submuscular. However, on... READ MORE

Severely Uneven Breasts After Explantation, Left Breast is Large B/small C, Right Breast Swelled to DD?

On November 16 I had breast explantation of my impants completed. My implants were INamed, saline fill, sub muscular insertion done in 2008.... READ MORE

Will this uneven crease smooth out? (photos)

Hello I had my implants removed 3 weeks ago, my concern is the incision under the right breast has been made above my own natural breast crease, and I... READ MORE

Can Breast Fold Asymmetry Be Corrected Without Placing Implants?

I had an explant due to recurrent capsular contracture in my right side. I am two months post op. The fold on the right side has now moved upward. The... READ MORE

Inflammation with Explanting and Uneven Breasts, Normal?

My explant surgery was on July 26th so now it's been a bit over a week. My recovery has been great but my only concern is how my left breast is so... READ MORE

Different Size Breasts After Explant?

Hello, I have just had a my implants removed two days ago. One of the implants had ruptured (left) and the right side was perfectly fine. I took the... READ MORE

Will uneven breast crease/fold readjust after explant?

I am having large implants (700cc) removed, I've had so many revision surgeries for bottoming out/ symmastia repair and they still appear uneven. I... READ MORE

Is capsulectomy always necessary?

I had my implants removed two weeks ago after 13 years. The surgeon just removed them, it would be a piece of cake he said since there was no... READ MORE

Asymmetric Implant Removal: What Are the Risks?

My surgeon just realized that I have a 325cc and a 375cc saline implant. I want an explantation with no replacement. I am worried that the 50cc... READ MORE

PS Said He Won't Restore my Crease During Implant Removal? (photo)

Getting my implants removed after only having them for 2 months. My PS said he didn't "lower" my creases that much during surgery, and that he put... READ MORE

Will removing breast implants with a lift correct this problem? Implants are 9 years old (Photo)

I'm 28 and got sub muscular saline implants almost 10 years ago. For the past few years I've been incredibly unhappy because of them - severely... READ MORE

Explanation with breast reduction surgery. (photos)

10 years ago I got small saline implants to correct uneven breasts (DD) after four pregnancies my breasts are now a 36N cup. They are very low and... READ MORE

Will my skin be sagging if I remove my silicone implants? (Photo)

I got 350cc silicone implants under the muscle 2 months ago... I don't like that they are too far apart and they look uneven.. Before I was flat like... READ MORE

Will my breasts be deformed with explant? (Photo)

I got my implants places a little over a year ago. Since then I have had chest pain at least once a day, sensation loss, my back and shoulders hurt, I... READ MORE

Uneven breast size after implant removal. Can anything be done to even things up that doesn't require implants?

I am 40 and have had breast implants removed. I was flat chested to begin with which I was ok to returning to. After removal one breast is completely... READ MORE

Will my breast fold return to where it was if i explant? (photos)

I have 300cc silicone implants and are uneven. My left breast is a lot higher than my scar incision and you can see (photo) where the scar is placed... READ MORE

i have uneven BREASTS after breast uplift. They were normal before . Will they stay like this? (photo)

Three weeks post op. Had breast implants removed and had uplift. there is a huge difference in my breast size. They are so uneven . They were perfect... READ MORE

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