Uncomfortable + Breast Implant Removal

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In pain every day, want to explant ASAP. Pocket too large, implant too large, crease lowered, painful, look matronly. (photo)

I got overzealous with breast augmentatio and now all the great features about my breasts are gone as well as being terribly uncomfortable and I have... READ MORE

Implant removal, flat chested before. Will I still need a lift? (photos)

I was flat chest prior to implants & first got saline implants in 2003 had issues so got them replaced with silicone implants. 10 yrs later & I want... READ MORE

Is Implant Removal a Good Option For Me After Reconstruction? I'm Not Happy.

Had unilat mx 2 years ago with 450cc submusc silicone implant with alloderm. No complications looks great. Have done nipple recon but no tattoo.... READ MORE

Getting Breast Implants removed. No Replacement. Do you think I will need a lift? I'm looking at an internal mastopexy? (photo)

Getting my 11 yr old 275 cc silicon gel implants removed no replacement I have capsular contracture on both sides that causes pain and is... READ MORE

I've been told that I have little to no natural breast tissue & that my skin is incredibly thin & may not be suitable for lift?

Explant scheduled for 3/5 with possible mastopexy. 400-450cc Saline implants over the muscle. 14 years old. Skin is very uncomfortable without support... READ MORE

I'm 54 yrs old. I've already had 2 Breast Augmentation. Now I want an explant !Too big!!! Any suggestions? (photos)

I had my first BA in 2011 2nd in 2013, first set were way to big DDD. Second time I asked for a B with a lift. I'm still a D. I am 5' 125lbs. They are... READ MORE

Breast Implants removal and areola reduction?

Hello, I have silicone implants. However, they are uncomfortable and give me constant aches. For that reason, I am considering to remove them, while... READ MORE

Should the Implants Be Removed?

I have 22 year old silicone implants that are starting to bother me. I have been thinking about removing them for a while now. They have become... READ MORE

Why has my right breast dropped down since explant, I thought it should have been opposite? (photos)

You can see how its has changed for the worst which is very uncomfortable and depressing.I thought things were supposed to start retracting not the... READ MORE

Drain removal; Can a registered nurse safely pull them instead of my PS?

PS would not remove drains Tuesday. Output was higher than preferred. Rescheduled drain removal to Monday (6+days). Output has now ceased to nothing.... READ MORE

Will I need an uplift after having an explant? (photos)

I had 445 silicone implants put in 2.5 years ago. I'm 23 years old skinny frame. I use to be a 32c - quite saggy after loosing just over 2 stone.... READ MORE

I'm 37 with 1 child, I can't decide whether to explant with lift or exchange with lift? (photos)

Augmentation was 3 years ago, I think they are beautiful but to big & uncomfortable. Been considering explant with lift over exchange. Will be... READ MORE

Cord under arm after breast augmentation - can I fix this? (Photo)

After having a 2nd breast augmentation in 2008, I noticed a tight "cord" under my right armpit when I lift or stretch my arm. I have had this for 6... READ MORE

Will I be left with scars and dangling, thin skin if I opt for removal?

My implants are 11 years old -- TUBA method (belly button) -- so I have no scars at all. I had a lump, which turned out to be a cyst, but during an... READ MORE

Can I have my saline breast implants deflated while breastfeeding?

I had breast implant surgery in July 2014 then became pregnant December 2014. I hate the implants. I am extremely big and uncomfortable. I'm 4'11... READ MORE

Should I remove my implants completely or have them resized to treat the very obvious rippling? (photos)

I got my breast augmentation done two years ago. I was so excited and bought outfits only to be completely dissatisfied. I have rippling all on the... READ MORE

I am explanting after a year and a half. Is the pain I'm experiencing normal?

I wanted to post and see if the symptoms I am feeling seem like the outcome of capsular contracture. It's been a year and a half since surgery and my... READ MORE

If I remove 30 yr old 34D silicone, do I have to get new ones? Or a breast lift?

I have 34D silicone inplants for over 20 years. Went thru infection years ago. Had them teplaced once. They are not hard im in 60s now and am very... READ MORE

Breast implant removal?

I am 7 months post BAM 350cc silicone over the muscle, pain has never gone and even thought my PS says its normal i feel like its affecting me... READ MORE

I have 375 mentor implants that I would like to have removed as I have rheumatoid arthritis. Can you advise me?

The implants are uncomfortable I have not settled into them procedure was on September 10 2014. I realise in all probability I will need a lift as... READ MORE

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