Ultrasound + Breast Implant Removal

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Breast Explantation Due to Intracapsular Rupture with Fluid Build

Fluid build up in my right breast, ultrasound showed there is a thick film of capsular around my implant. Look swollen but no pain. I went to 2... READ MORE

Is it possible to reverse capsular contracture or to prevent it from getting worse with Accolate or ultrasound therapy? (photo)

Is it possible to reverse capsular contracture or to prevent it from getting worse with Accolate or ultrasound thereapy? I am 65 years old. Implants... READ MORE

Is this a seroma? (photos)

I got breast implants a year ago. Last month, I went to see my surgeon because I still feel a lot of discomfort all the time. He said there were no... READ MORE

Why would my left breast that had an infection over 6 months ago still look this way? Both implants were removed. (photos)

Implants removed 6 mos. ago, I've had total 6 CC's since 1st BA in '90. Had radiation in '89 to upper body due to Hodgkins. I have been told that... READ MORE

Left breast swelled 6 weeks after Explant.

August 30th I had explant done in the office/local, left capsules in. 1.5 weeks ago my left breast became sensitive/bigger. went back & my surgeon... READ MORE

Silicone implants removal recovery - how long more will it take? What should I do?

I am 67 and had my 34 yrs silicone implants removed 10 weeks ago. Before op hospital said ultrasound showed implants/capsule OK. Operation took 2.30... READ MORE

Ultrasound versus MRI

I'd like to know if an ultrasound or an MRI is more useful in advance of explantation for finding silicone in the body following an implant... READ MORE

Is it scar tissue?

Ok so I've posted on here before about and uncomfortable feeling in the breast crease area. I had an explant last nov, scar revision about 5 months... READ MORE

Fluid accumulation 3 months post breast implant removal, advice? (photos)

Hello, I had implants removed 3 months ago and recently started feeling pain in the left breast. An ultrasound revealed a fluid accumulation (3.5cm x... READ MORE

Should I have the capsule removed during breast explant surgery? Will MRI or ultrasound show why left breast is swelling?

15 months post BA, 450 silicone under the muscle. Left breast swelling, I think due to muscle strain. Did pushups no problem but 2 wks later left... READ MORE

Can capsules be seen on an ultrasound? Will they show up on an MRI? Is an MRI necessary to locate capsules?

I had my saline implants of 14 years removed 2/2/16 due to diagnosis of lupus, Lymes, infertility, and homozygous MTHFR C677T. My surgeon decided not... READ MORE

MRI or Ultrasound which is best for breast implants?

I have an appointment with consultant as I want to remove my breast implants. I want him to check the integrity of my implants before going ahead with... READ MORE

Breast Implant Removal - I had implants (under the muscle) 10Y ago.

I had no idea how clownish they would end up looking as your body changes implant stays fixed. 1Y ago I had replaced w/smaller implant over the muscle... READ MORE

Follow-up Question: Explant Old Polyurethane implants

I was considering an explant. I very hard capsulated implants with calcification. MRI and Ultrasound show no silicone outside of capsule. I am... READ MORE

Extra capsular rupture sillicone deposits detected in axilla via ultra sound

How urgent is removal of implants due to the rupture and sillicone deposits. implants are 10 years old also. As they were implanted 2006. After... READ MORE

I want to know if you recommend an ultra sound guided breast biopsy?

Removal of breast implants 20 years ago- silicone evacuation on the right- annual mammograms always negative . Nodule found in 4 out of 5 MRI's and is... READ MORE

I have epilepsy controlled with VNS and Depacote. Will my VNS be in the way? Remove leaking implants?

 I hope I am a candidate for implant removal at very least as they are leaking and painful. They were too large when first put in 16 years ago.... READ MORE

Cohesive gel implant ruptured. Found silicone in my breast tissue and underarm area with ultrasound. Any suggestion? (photo)

What should I do? Is there a surgeon who specializes in the removal of the cohesive gel silicone in breast tissue and axillary area? I had Mentor... READ MORE

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