Too Big + Breast Implant Removal

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Do Doctors Ever Do Probono Work? I Really Need my Breast Fixed but Can't Afford This.

I've had my implants in for over 13yrs there over the muscle i got 475cc they are sagging really bad their just to big for me. I think i just want... READ MORE

Feeling Trapped? (photo)

I'm very unhappy w implants bc went up 4 sizes and now have "side boob." Work, working out, sleeping, or going wo a bra are uncomfortable bc I'm an... READ MORE

I Want my Breast Inmplants Deflated. Can I Do That Instead of Removal? Costs?

I had my implants done on 7/24/12 (Saline) and I hate them, and I want them deflated, they make me feel so fat and trapped, they are too big, The... READ MORE

I Am Thinking of my Explanting Implants....but Not Sure How I Would Look After.

I am thinking of removing my implants. I was a 32 b after a baby and 7 months of nourishing her. I had 375 cc silicone gel implants put in last Feb. I... READ MORE

Options After Unhappy with Breast Implants? (photo)

I had a breast enlargement years ago due to my breasts being saggy after weight loss.The surgeon suggested me to have large breast implants to make... READ MORE

Doctor Gave Me Bigger Implants Without my Consent, Should I Go Back To Him For Removal?

Went in for breast augmentation in hopes of just going up a couple sizes. Doctor took it upon himself to go larger than we discuss. I am 5 feet 120... READ MORE

I want smaller implants! I think I went too big. How much would it cost to have them removed?

Hi! I was wondering is it a good idea for me to take out my implants,when I decided to have kids,than replace after, I'm done with birth,because My... READ MORE

Is is a Brutal Surgery? Should I Be Worried?

I've had my implants in for over a year. I was naturally a C cup and had implants put in to fill in the top of my breast were they sagged. However now... READ MORE

Seriously thinking of removing breast implants! 2 weeks post op breast augmentation. Are they too big? (Photo)

5'5 125lbs - 26 in waist 34 in hips Measurements Pre-Op: 34B/C Two weeks ago I had 400cc silicones placed under the muscle through Inframammary. I... READ MORE

800cc Gummy Implants - too big, please remove (Photo)

I'm 5'3ft, 41yr old female with "gummy" implants 800cc. They are three years old but they are TOO BIG!!! I want them removed. I was told to remove... READ MORE

I had asymmetrical breast prior to implants and now considering breast implant removal. What should I expect ?

I have saline implants placed 6 years ago. I had tuberous breast & assymetry. I wanted to have fuller breast with symmetry. In my right breast there's... READ MORE

I had a breast augmentation 9 months ago and am not happy. Will my breasts return to normal? (photo)

I feel they are too big and look very round and stuck on, which I did not want. I have gained half a stone and do not feel as good as I used to. If I... READ MORE

Silicone explanation after 1 week of breast augmentation. How do I approach my surgeon?

I recently had 350 cc high profile mentor memory gel implants put in. I did not expect to be this big and I know that some of it is swelling. I'm... READ MORE

I'm 37 with 1 child, I can't decide whether to explant with lift or exchange with lift? (photos)

Augmentation was 3 years ago, I think they are beautiful but to big & uncomfortable. Been considering explant with lift over exchange. Will be... READ MORE

My first implants are too big. Should I have them removed?

I know a lot of the doctors answering my question think I've had implants before but these are my first. I wanted to stay a modest B cup size... READ MORE

I want to remove my implants. What are my options? (Photos)

I want to remove my implants i had my surgery 2 weeks ago and i ve decided to remove them because they are too big and i dont like the feeling of it... READ MORE

Is implant removal my best option? (Photo)

I'm 4 2 5"2 60 kg was a small saggy b cup wanted to be a b cup with more volume .my ps recommended 180 mentor teardrop with a lift.since having... READ MORE

When is the best time for extraction?

I am a week post op, and I hate my new breast. They don't belong on my body. They are just way too big! I wanted half the size that I received. Do i... READ MORE

Lift only after breast implant removal? (photos)

I had saline implants from 2013-2016. At my initial consultation, I told the dr I was interested in a lift & he said he felt that implants would... READ MORE

Please help! Removal advice - 18 months post op and implants are too large (Photo)

I had my BA in 2015 and have been self conscious that they are Too big, ever since procedure. I have raised these concerns with my surgeon, but he... READ MORE

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