Textured Implants + Breast Implant Removal

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Do Textured Saline Implants Need to Be Removed "En Bloc"?

I have had Mentor, saline (550 cc), teardrop, textured, implants (behind the muscle) for 14 years. I have very little natural breast tissue.I want to... READ MORE

Are there any reimbursements or warranty still available for failed McGhan, textured, round silicone implants from 1991? (photo)

What support is available to those who missed the class action lawsuit deadline? I had no idea that my implants were leaking. I just missed the... READ MORE

Are textured breast implants more difficult to remove then smooth implants?

Can a PS tell if my saline implants are textured/smooth? I had the BA done 12 years ago in another state and I don't remember what they are. I had a... READ MORE

How Much Surgery is Considered 'Reasonable'?

In 2010, textured anatomical implants over the muscle. 2011, right implant pocket made smaller as implant was freely rotating. It is fine now. 6... READ MORE

Breast Explant. Do the capsules need to be removed?

If capsules are removed does this effect or damage your breast tissue? I have textured silicone implants (470cc) and capsular contraction has begun to... READ MORE

Can textured implants be removed under local? Is it too early after implantation?

I had shaped textured implants placed a few weeks ago. I thought long and hard before having them done but immediately disliked the outcome. I realize... READ MORE

Breast implant removal. Capsulectomy with Mastopexy? (Photo)

I had 410cc textured cohesive silicone gel implants placed above the muscle 5 years ago. I had grade 1 ptosis and was a 34c pre op. My surgeon said I... READ MORE

Do I have to have my implant removed AGAIN??

11/12 had silicone and lift done. June they were slipped put silk mesh in, Aug i had this pus, Oct both implants/mesh were removed. dr said wait 3... READ MORE

Breast implant removal and possible lift?

I currently am 5'1, 130 lbs, 210cc textured implants over muscle. I had them reduced from 270cc to 210cc but there was no change in breast size. I was... READ MORE

Should you remove the scar capsule with the implant where there is contracture?

I am scheduled to have my implants removed next week (5 years old, textured silicone sub-pectoral placement) due to capsular contracture of the right... READ MORE

Can someone with AA breast size have lift in the future if she removes her implants and doesn't want to replace them? (Photo)

In the picture is not me, but very similar PRE BA size. I current have 300cc silicone texture breast implants and i am thinking of permanent removal... READ MORE

Seeking SF area surgeon for explant

I'm looking for a surgeon in the SF area who will do removal with a local anesthesia to afford it with less downtime. Someone who's done several and... READ MORE

What could a white/yellowish hard substance on Breast Implant be? (Photo)

've had severe rashes for years and decided to get an explantation. Immediately after explantation I noticed hand rash and hardening started to... READ MORE

Will the capsule be removed while removing textured breast implants?

I've got textured implants 250 cc over the muscle for 10 month. Want to remove them soon and wonder if the capsule should be removed because of the... READ MORE

What would be the normal cost of removing implant sac?

Hello! I had textured, saline, over the muscle implants for 17 years. I had them drained about 3 weeks ago. The implant sac is hurting especially... READ MORE

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