Technique + Breast Implant Removal

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How is Breast Implant Replacement Surgery Done?

I have textured silicone implants in a subglandular placement and want to replace them with smooth silicone implants under the muscle. Will the... READ MORE

Safe to Remove Saline Implants by Puncturing, Draining, then Stitching Up?

Is it safe to remove implants with local by just punctureing the implant, draining it then stitching it back up? I have had my saline submuscular... READ MORE

Periareolar Vs Inframammary Fold Incision (En Bloc Capsulectomy - Ruptured Submuscular Silicone Implants) (photo)

Dear doctors, Which approach provides the most direct route for an en bloc capsulectomy and requires the least operative time? Will and inframammary... READ MORE

Explantation To Get Natural Looking Breasts? (photo)

I wish to explant my approx. 500 cc high profile, over the muscle saline implants. My goal is natural feeling and looking breasts. Which of the... READ MORE

Best Way to Explant Cohesive Gel Implants 10 Years Later?

I have had small 270cc cohesive gel implants over the muscle for 10 years. I now wish to remove and not replace. I am not symptomatic nor do I believe... READ MORE

Can Silicone Implants Be Removed Via the Armpit?

I had silicon implants put in via the armpit. The left implant was 2.00 cc and the right was 2.25 because the right breast was smaller than the left... READ MORE

What is the proper technique for breast massage after breast explant?

How long and how many times a day should you do the massage? How many months should you continue? Is it pretty standard to do massage? When should you... READ MORE

Periareolar Vs Inframammary Fold Incision (En Bloc Capsulectomy & Breast Implant Removal)?

I am looking to have my saline implants removed through my current periareola incision. My doctor insists on using a new incision - inframammary fold,... READ MORE

Breast Lift After Breast Implants Removal? (photo)

In 2009 I've had a breast augmentation with Cohesive Gel 325cc on top of muscle . Used to be 32B . Now 32D. Short after augmentation I had a revision... READ MORE

Explant W/o Replacement: Do I Need a Capsulorrhophy/partial Capsule Removal, or is It Enough to Have Internal Sutures? (photo)

Surgeon 1 wants to do explant with capsulorrhaphy on the right, removing a lower section of the capsule and sewing it back together, leaving the rest... READ MORE

Will Ultimate Breast Lift Work in my Case? (photo)

Getting breast implants Removal in about 1 month due to recurrent Capsular Contracture on the right breast. Breast augmentation was done in 2004 (... READ MORE

Can Breast Implants Be Removed Through the Belly Button?

Can breast implants be removed through the belly button if the original surgery was done with a periareolar incision? i really do not want new scars. READ MORE

What is the Best Incision Area for Explanting?

I have implants over the muscle and am now explanting. The implants were put in under the aerola and will be removed the same way. Is there a higher... READ MORE

Explantation, Nipple or Under the Breast?

Is there any difference between the two techniques for the final breast shape? Is it one setter than the other? (and why?) READ MORE

Breast Implant Removal on 25 Year Old? (photo)

Back in 2007, I was 19 years old and I got saline breast implants under the muscle. I got somewhere in between 350-375 cc's and went from a B cup to a... READ MORE

If I Had my Implants Put in Through the Nipples, Do They Have to Be Explanted Through Them?

I'm having my explant done in 2 weeks and after reading about problems with nipples being caved in, I'm wondering if I'd be better of having a crease... READ MORE

What is the technique used and the cost of deflating Saline Implants (350cc's over the muscle w/unilateral Grade 3 capsule)?

What should I expect with needle deflation & can any dr do this (is it straightforward/simple)? After deflation, I will wait to see how the skin... READ MORE

Are there any new techniques doctors are looking at for explant patients?

I am not against breast implants at all. I had my first augmentation at 22 and just had a revision at 36. I assumed when I had my first surgery that... READ MORE

Best technique for internal lift during breast implant removal (explant only). Suturing or special cauterizing technique?

I am a 48 year old female, in good physical shape. non smoker (5'4 108lbs) wishing to have 9 year old, under muscle, 310 gummy bear silicone breast... READ MORE

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