Subpectoral + Breast Implant Removal

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Subpectoral Breast Implant Removal Technique

I have read questions regarding breast augmentation and if you are unhappy with the results, you can always take them out. Of course, doctors warn the... READ MORE

Bilateral Breast MRI of 35 Yr Old Silicone Gel Implants Shows Intracapsular Rupture. SOS PLS?

I am a 59-yr old with 35 year old subpectoral silicone gel implants. There's been encapsulation over the years which i am familiar with. However, 6... READ MORE

Cause of Lateral Pull of Breasts After Explant

After subpectoral explant, why do the breasts pull laterally and upward when the pectoral muscles are engaged? I had thought it was due to the release... READ MORE

How much will it cost for a breast explant? What if I have a lift done with it? (Photo)

In May 2014, I had 400cc saline implant sub pec. I didn't like them as soon as I woke up from surgery And have been uncomfortable since. I was told by... READ MORE

Pectoral Exercise Before Breast Implant Removal?

In 6 weeks I'm having my 250cc sub pectoral breast silicone implants removed without replacement. I've had them for about 5 and a half years. I'm a 24... READ MORE

What Happens to Your Pectoral Muscle(s) After Removing Implants Placed Subpectorally?

Do the muscles ever resume their pre-aug. state following implant removal? I want to have my implants placed subpectorally due to breastfeeding... READ MORE

Explant of 15 yr old saline breast implants - no replacement, no lift. Is a capsulorrhaphy necessary? (photos)

Hello - I am looking to completely remove my 15 yr old saline subpectoral implants, without replacement. The implants have bottomed out and you can... READ MORE

Planning on Explanting 650ccL 700ccR, 1/2 Sub Pectoral Implants with Previous Periareolar Lift: Seeking Advice on Lift? (photo)

I am planning on a complete explant and lift of my Saline 650ccL 700ccR, 1/2 sub pectoral implants with previous peri areolier lift due to back pain... READ MORE

Can I Have my Silicone Implants That Were Placed S/p Reconstruction After Elective Mast Removed?

I had 4 surgeries in less than a year. The first was the elective mastectomy with expanders. The second was to place the saline implants, however my... READ MORE

Looking for a skilled surgeon in the South for a breast explantation, en-bloc capsulectomy.

I have 13 year old Mentor saline sub-peck implants that need to come out. I was told 2 years ago by a specialist to get them out because my body was... READ MORE

Implant removal, breast lift, areola reduction. Options/most realistic expectation for outcome? Help! Willing to travel for best

I am 30 years old. I have 11 year old Mentor saline sub pectoral breast implants (R-400 cc; L-400 cc overfilled to 425cc) that I want removed. I also... READ MORE

Theoretically, could ALCL develop if posterior capsule can't be removed from ribs?

I'm having my 1 year old subpectoral Allergan 410 implants removed. I'm sure I want them out and not replaced. While it is rare, the ALCL cases so far... READ MORE

Should you remove the scar capsule with the implant where there is contracture?

I am scheduled to have my implants removed next week (5 years old, textured silicone sub-pectoral placement) due to capsular contracture of the right... READ MORE

Will my skin be able to firm up quickly? Will my muscles be affected at all in any way? Is the sooner I act, the better?

Removal of subpectoral saline implants.My implants are less than a year old!! (installed may 2015) They are just so uncomfortable ALL of the time.... READ MORE

Ruptured PIP implant removal. Is it better to remove them in the 1st or 2nd instance?

I have ruptured PIP implants (subpectoral 2008) I have the option to have them removed with partial capsule removal in 3 weeks with the option of fat... READ MORE

Is it always necessary to do a capsulectomy along with removal of subpectal silicone implants that where placed years ago?

I am confussed about which is the best explant proceedure for my breast and overall health. Advice is much appreciated. READ MORE

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