Subglandular + Breast Implant Removal

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Removing Saline Implants 770cc Subglandular. What Will They Look Like Without a Lift? (photo)

My breasts have dropped, rippling and bounce so much...I can't run comfortably, nor find a bra that fits comfortably. My lower back hurts all time and... READ MORE

What to Expect? Going to Get an Explant in September? (photo)

Had my implants since 2002 (300 cc silicone Mentor subglandular), after one pregnancy I had a B cup with light ptosis. After BA I had another... READ MORE

Would Mastopexy Be Needed with Breast Implant Explantation? (photo)

I'm 61 y/o with 25 plus yr. old silicone implants placed subglandular. I am tall and very thin. I am not replacing the implants, but have had 2... READ MORE

Would the Removal of Breast Implants Placed over the Muscle Led to Saggy Breast? (photo)

I got my implants 4 years ago when i was 25, now at 29 and I hate them. They were 270 cc silicone implants placed sub glandular .I want to remove them... READ MORE

Lateral Displacement- 2 Failed Revisions

I have "down and out" impants(I have overdissected pockets) and 2 failed revisions-my 2 second surgeon used sutures(not permanent),but the... READ MORE

Removal or Revision?

I have had my saline 360cc subglandular implants since June '06. I have some capsular contracture in both breasts. I also develop keloids when I... READ MORE

Capsule and Aesthetic Results?

I am getting my subgladular 400 cc silicone implants removed without lift or replacement at this time. The capsule is thin, and my doc wants to do... READ MORE

Is it too risky to have a capsulectomy & mastopexy performed when removing subglandular, saline implants? (Photo)

My 10 y/o subglandular, saline implants will be removed in one wk as the right breast has deflated. I do not want to replace the implants. As I do not... READ MORE

Wishing to Ex-plant, Does It Matter if I Wait?

I have large, sub-glandular, saline implants and want them removed. I currently have no CC, and was wondering if it makes a significant difference in... READ MORE

What is the recovery time for a sub glandular saline implant removal with capsulectomy?

I am SOOO happy to be having my saline implants removed. They are sub glandular, have capsule contractures and have calcified. I am getting them... READ MORE

Implant removal and lift question (photos)

I have subglandular placed silicone implants approx 220cc which makes me 34C/32D. I've had this set for 10+ years. I also had a mini mastopexy at that... READ MORE

Can the Implant Removal Increase the Chances of Breastfeeding?

I was not able to breastfeed with NovaGold implants in 2009.Can the impant removal increase the chances with next baby?I had periareolar incision and... READ MORE

Implant Removal or Revision? (Photos)

I've been having implants (250cc, textured, round, silicone subglandular) for 26 years and unhappy because of their unnatural appearance and... READ MORE

Removal of implants temporarily for symmastia?

Hi! I'm trying to get an answer to this question. I have mild symmastia I think although I've been told by some on this site that I do not. I want to... READ MORE

I still have distortion when flexing more than 3 years after removing my implants. Can it be fixed?

I had sub muscular implants (with a lift) with bad distortion. Then moved to sub glandular.. At that surgery my capsules were removed & muscles... READ MORE

Is a Capsulectomy necessary with Explantation of 19 year saline subglandular implants and Stage 2 capsular contraction? (photos)

Hello, I will be satisfied with my body with very small breasts and want this to be my final surgery on my breasts. My incision was on the lower half... READ MORE

I'm having subglandular double luman implants removed with lift at the same time under local anesthesia. Any feedback?

I'm having 23 year old double luman sub glandular implants (silicone inside center luman and saline in the outer smooth luman ) removed with lift at... READ MORE

Should I remove my implants? (photos)

I'm on my way to my 3rd surgery my doctor says I need to remove I had to other surgeon's say it's not a good idea to remove. He had to do a 2 nd... READ MORE

Subglandular breast implants removed. Will I need a lift or not? (Photo)

I got my breast implants 4 years ago. 500cc moderate profile. I already had a c cup but weren't very full looking. So i wanted implants to fill them.... READ MORE

Can I breastfeed a week after explant without replacement & would I need a capsulectomy? Is local anesthesia an option? (Photo)

I'm 35 & got 310cc silicone gel PIP implants (Dic/2010) subglandular plane through nipple. PS said I had capsular contracture 4 on right breast like 9... READ MORE

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