Stretched + Breast Implant Removal

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Breast Implant Removal, 1 Week Later. Severe Muscle Pain on One Side.

I had implants put in 2 years ago, under the muscle. just got them out. pain has been tolerable and going away slowly. but yesterday and today morning... READ MORE

What creams and lotions do you recommend for skin elasticity? (photos)

I had breast implant removal and my skin is so very stretched and thin. Even the tape is pulling it and wrinkling it. I wanted to know if lotions and... READ MORE

Is it true that my skin will never stretch back? (photos)

I saw a surgeon yesterday and he told me that he would be highly disappointed to take my implants out because I have a beautiful breast. He told me... READ MORE

How Soon Can I Remove my Implants After Surgery?

I'm 25 years old and in 3rd week of post ops. Is it safe to remove my implants now?If not how soon can i do it? I had big implants and I can't handle... READ MORE

I want to have my implants removed but I'm worried about sagging skin. Any suggestions? (photos)

I've had 2 sets of silicone implants, which have been placed in front of the muscle. The 1st set was in for 17yr until 1 ruptured. I had them replaced... READ MORE

I will explain better why I want breast implant removal. With so little tissue, will it deflate and sag? (Photo)

Hate it cause it is big,too hard (no pain, but contracted), so artificial. I'm shame to hug people. I'm athlete and think they arent for me. I think... READ MORE

Do I need to remove my implants if they are causing my areolas to stretch or is it the surgeons mistake? (photo)

I had assymetic breasts. In May if 2013, I had implants of 300cc and 350cc placed with a incision made through the nipple. After I healed, I had HUGE... READ MORE

If I get my implants removed, will the skin that was stretched over the implant form back to my breast tissue?

I had a breast augmentation 1 year ago and am considering removing them due to discomfort and dissatisfaction. They do not look or feel like I... READ MORE

I had a breast lift and implants, now I want them removed. Will my breasts be saggy again?

Hello. I had a breast lift performed about 2 years ago. I had implants put in about a year ago. I am not sure on the specific size, but I increased by... READ MORE

Can I get my breast implants removed after already having them for 3 years?

I received my breast implants 3 years ago and have been thinking about getting them removed. Is this possible? And what are the consequences? I went... READ MORE

I just want to have second opinion about how long after implant removal, the implant can be put back.

I probably got seroma problems, i going for my right implant removal.  Is it safe to put back again the same implant?? as my doctor said that he... READ MORE

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