Shape + Breast Implant Removal

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Caved in Nipples and Misshapen Breast Post Explant. Please I Need Advice on What I Can Do if Anything?

Hello I am day 13 today post explant.I had compression bandage for 10days. Removal of bandage revealed misshapen breasts and caved in nipples. Surgeon... READ MORE

How Can I Make my Breast Look Better? (photo)

Hello, I took out my breast implants (over the muscle) 6 months ago, . one of them was damaged. I thought I will make a new breast enlargement after... READ MORE

Had Implants Removed with Lift, Will Nipple Band Improve? (photo)

After explanting for level 4 capsules and getting a lopipop lift my breasts are misshapen. I have a 'band' under the nipple area which... READ MORE

Why Are my Breasts Moving to a Squeezed Shape when I Move my Muscles?

I had a breast implant removal a few days ago. I hated them because they were heavy and when I was lifting something my breasts would look wrinkly and... READ MORE

Will my breasts ever fill out and take shape again? (Photo)

I'm two days into post op. and my breasts look like little pancakes! I had 325 cc saline implants under the muscle for 13 years, and have had two... READ MORE

Will I Still Have Muscle Distortion After I Explant? And Could This Affect the Look of my Breasts Post Explant?

I would like to get my 350cc under the muscle silicone breast implants removed. I no longer like the look, have never liked the feel, and have found... READ MORE

About my implant removal?

Hi there I just want to know I had my explant surjery before a month and my breast look so ugly and loose in shape I want to ask except implant how I... READ MORE

Will Tuberous Breasts take a more natural, round shape after Implant Removal if the necessary steps are taken?

I had a moderate form of tuberous breasts, areola's were herniated as well. A few years ago, I decided to have implants put in. Prior to augmentation,... READ MORE

Scar too tight after explant. (photos)

9 months ago I had breast implants put in and a lift.My ps explanted them 4 weeks ago and did some internal stitches to lift up the breast tissue.I am... READ MORE

What is my breast shape after implant removal? (photos)

I have grade 4 cc in one breast and grade 2 in another. I would like my implants removing but I am scared my implants will have stretched my breast... READ MORE

I am having my 300cc implants removed. What can I expect as I had no breast tissue prior to the surgery? (Photo)

Will my breasts return to their original shape? I'm worried about this. I've attached pictures if that helps. Thanks so much! READ MORE

How to fix this deformity after explant and why did it take the shape of CC? (Photo)

Hi, I explanted over 3 weeks ago and I know I need to give it 6 months or so to see the final result but my right breast (which had a pretty bad CC... READ MORE

What will my tuberous breast look like post-explanted? (photos)

3 years ago I had implants for my tuberous breast deformity with some scoring of the lower pole. They looked great at first. Then they 'dropped'. I... READ MORE

BA/BL lead to explant. What's the best way to correct the resulting deformities? (Photo)

I had 375cc implants submuscle with a full anchor lift. I developed a wound which became implant exposure. I had both implants removed because after... READ MORE

Will the look of my breasts change after removing deflated implants?

I had saline implants of 17 years deflated ~ 5 months ago. They were both encapsulated & "calcified" causing pain. Love the look & feel of my... READ MORE

I've been thinking about an explant for about 2.5 years now. Can you tell if there is anything wrong with the implants? (photo)

1. By the looks of the photos, can you tell if there is anything wrong with the implants? I ask because the shape of them look strange to me. (front... READ MORE

Breasts not at all similar after implant removal and lift 6 weeks ago? Areolas, inframammary fold, shape all different.

I had silicone implants placed in 1995. In 2012 I had them replaced them with Silicone gel. At the time of surgery I wanted my areolas reduced. My... READ MORE

If I choose to extract, will I be more saggy? Or have inverted nipples? Will my breast return to its natural shape? (Photo)

I'm looking into either a revision but leaning towards an extraction. Will my breast go back to the same shape and appearance? How bad could it be?... READ MORE

I am 42 years old and have generation 4 mentor moderate plus silicone implants and would like to have them removed.

In 2010 I had a breast reduction with mastopexy and submuscular 350 cc silicone implants placed. At the time both the Doctor and I felt it would best... READ MORE

After implants removed my breast did not return to normal shape!

I had implants 550cc under muscle (muscles were unattached 4cm) for only one month. I didn't like them so I had it removed. The surgeon did attach... READ MORE

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