Scarring + Breast Implant Removal

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Thinking About Removing my Implants and Not Replacing? Will I Have Anything Left?

I want to remove my implants. I am not sure if I will need a lift or not and will I be smaller than before I started. Concerned about scarring. Can... READ MORE

Explant and Pec Muscle? (photo)

I can't believe I paid to be this uncomfortable and caused this much destruction to my pec muscle. 43yrs old, athletic, hypertrophic scar, BWD 11.7,... READ MORE

Kelo Cote Gel?

Is it safe to use Kelo-Cote gel on scarring under breasts?. Recently had implant removal. Thank you for all replies READ MORE

Explant Via Nipple/Areola Area. Problems with Scar Adhering and Puckering of Nipple? (photo)

Hello i am 8mths post explant via the nipple/areola. I have pukering of both nipples, the scar appears to be adhered to the chest wall. Please can you... READ MORE

How Long for Scars to Heal From Breast Implant Removal?

Hello, i had my submuscular breast implants removed one month ago. How long will it take for the scars to feel smoother? My scars are under the... READ MORE

What are my options for making my breasts look more 'normal' post explant? (Photo)

It has been almost a year since my explant and I still seem to have extra skin. Had 32D implants for 10 years and now have 32A breasts that look empty... READ MORE

Are textured breast implants more difficult to remove then smooth implants?

Can a PS tell if my saline implants are textured/smooth? I had the BA done 12 years ago in another state and I don't remember what they are. I had a... READ MORE

Can anything be done to improve the appearance of my breasts post explant? They are scarred, pitted and wrinkled (Photo)

I was assured I had dissolvable sutures at the time of surgery but after contacting other women who used the same surgeon, and contacted new surgeons... READ MORE

What are the complications of having a Breast Lift at the same time as an explant? (photo)

I have had breast implants for 24 years & are wanting them out (I am now 45). I would like a minor lift as well. My breasts have always been quite... READ MORE

Can Anything Be Done to Ensure my Scar Does Not Show Below my Bathing Suit After Removal? (photo)

I am a year and a half post -op (250cc/right, 260cc left) and unhappy with the positioning of my implants (the right is too close to the center while... READ MORE

Scar Pulling in After Implant Removal? (photo)

I had my implants taken out April of 2013 and the scar on my right nipple seems to be pulling in. What caused this, and will this flatten out with... READ MORE

Really desperate for some advice. 33 yrs old 295cc natrelle under muscle 10 weeks ago, so depressed (photos)

I am 33 yrs old had 295cc silicone under muscle 10 weeks ago. Very tiny 32a/aa before wanted to be c but ended up a 30dd. Very depressed as don't like... READ MORE

Any Solutions for Muscle Distortion and Scars Post Explantantion (8 Months)?

I was explanted via crease incision approx 8 mos ago w/ no lift.The appearance of breasts in repose is acceptable; but I have noticeable muscle... READ MORE

Are My Implants Too Big? What Kind of Scarring to Expect if I Get A Reduction With A Lift?

I got implants in Nov 2007. I wanted a small C but my Dr. thought a large C would be best. I hate seeing photos of myself and think they are too big.... READ MORE

Can I have my implants removed from my armpit if I had them put in with a lift through my areolas? to reduce further scarring...

3 years ago I have a lift and implant through my nipples. 240cc low pro silicone under muscle. 2 years ago I downsized to 120cc under muscle again... READ MORE

Explanation surgery. I had textured mentor gummy implants put in via periareolar incision and want them removed? (Photo)

I had my implants put in when I was about 30 years old. That was 10 years ago. . I want them out but concerned about scarring and also sagging. I was... READ MORE

I had silicone implants done in 83, and removed after they ruptured. Could my health problems be caused by this?

Went for lift in 2000. Both had ruptured and left a nasty mess!Dr tried to remove all but couldn't.Since then I have DX of fibromyalgia,DDD,CFS,... READ MORE

Will my breasts go back to normal after explanting the implants?

I had silicone implants put in two years ago, biggest mistake of my life. 6 months post op I got capsular contracture so I replaced that one in hopes... READ MORE

Should I be concerned about getting implants removed? (photos)

Initially I got my breast done in 2010, I developed a "double bubble" and my surgeon said the only way to fix it was to go larger. I went from a A to... READ MORE

After 8 weeks, is this a normal result? Would I have had the same results if I hadn't had the lift done? (Photo)

Breast explantation after 13 years and breast lift on the same day, Well I feel devastated I don't think this is an acceptable result, I feel like... READ MORE

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