Scar + Breast Implant Removal

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How to Treat Keloid or Hypertrophic Scarring in Incision Scars

I had a breast implant removal about 3 months ago.Since then my infra mammary scars have become slightly raised, hard and adhered to the underlying... READ MORE

Breast Scar Capsule After Implant Explantation

I want to have my silicone gel implants removed. I have had them for two years. I have had no problems, just feel it was a big mistake and would like... READ MORE

Can Under Muscle Breast Implants be Removed Through the Armpit?

I've had saline implants (not large but not sure of size cc's) now for 20 yrs, with no problems. They went through my armpits, so there are no... READ MORE

Breast Implant Removal - Will my Breasts Sag / More Scars?

Im 29 Yrs of Age, I Got Breast Implants Done 1.5 Yrs Back, and I Would Like to Remove Them Now. I used to fit in 34 size bra n now i fit into 36 size... READ MORE

Considering explant. What kind of results have you seen? (Photo)

Hello, I am a 46 year old woman and I have had implants for 12 years. At 10 years I had my 350 cc silicone implants taken out and replaced with 250 cc... READ MORE

How to Minimize Anchor Scars with Explantation or Smaller Implants?

I have large implants along with a lift. They are starting to look square and this is the 5th lift over 4 pregnancies. Im thinking of removing them or... READ MORE

How will my breasts look without implants? Will the areolas get smaller? Should i consider a submuscular replacement? (Photo)

I'm considering removing 14 years old implants which always were pretty hard,especially on the right. The areolas stretched immediately after the... READ MORE

Troubled by Breast augmentation and removal scars. What are my options? (Photos)

I had a breast aug June 2013, and immediately hated them! So, September 2013 I got them removed. 6 months later I'm happy with my removal decision,... READ MORE

Feels Like Tendons are Attached to Surgery Scar, Is This Possible?

I don't know if this sounds right but, I've recently had my implants explanted and, when I reach up I can feel a pull on my scar, under my... READ MORE

Large Hole Where Breast Implant was Removed

I am diabetic and have had a breast implant removed due to ulcers. I am now going to have to have another operation because a large hole has appeared... READ MORE

Am I a Candidate to Do Breast Lift Peri-areolar Incision Instead of Lollipop? (photo)

I wanna remove my breast implants without a replacement, I don't mind if my breast will be really small. I want they looks firm no saggy and fix my... READ MORE

Breast implant removal - scar indented - will this go away with massage? (Photo)

I had a lollipop lift with implants 6 months ago and for various reasons (pain, rippling, affected my active life), chose to have them removed. My PS... READ MORE

33 years old, 295cc silicone Natrelle under muscle 8 weeks ago, want them removed (Photo)

I'm 5ft 2 105 lbs and was a 32a before BA I'm now measuring a 32d they feel really unnatural and Ive been extremely depressed since getting them,... READ MORE

Explantation after 13 years and lift, did I get botched? (Photo)

I had saline implants for 13 years and had two kids after the augmentation, 5 weeks ago I went under surgery for explantation and breast lift, well my... READ MORE

Breast animation deformity - sign of puckering after explantation?

Is breast animation deformity while implants are in, a sign of possible tethering scar after explantation? READ MORE

Scar too tight after explant. (photos)

9 months ago I had breast implants put in and a lift.My ps explanted them 4 weeks ago and did some internal stitches to lift up the breast tissue.I am... READ MORE

Removing scar capsule during explant of breast implants

I want to remove my capsule when removing my silicone implants but after seeing surgeon after surgeon they say they can't usually remove 100% of the... READ MORE

Implants removed, left with a dent on scar (Photo)

One month ago I got my 275cc implants removed. One breast is perfect. The other one has a dent right under my nipple, where the scar is. The indent... READ MORE

How 'Bad' Will the Scars Will Be if I Get my Implants Removed? (photo)

I've got my implants on June 2013, since I am still in pain (left breast only, :S), I am worried and considering to have them removed. How long would... READ MORE

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