Same Time + Breast Implant Removal

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Breast Implant Removal and Lift at the Same Time?

Hello, I want to remove my breast implants, which I have had for 15 years. I know for sure that I do not want to replace them. I also want to get a... READ MORE

Explant with lift at the same time, or better to wait and do the lift later?

Are there any benefits to just getting the implants out, then waiting to see how the breasts respond before doing the lift? Or is it better to just do... READ MORE

Is it possible to have my breast implants removed and then a natural breast augmentation (fat transfer) in the same procedure?

I had a breast augmentation done about seven years ago with approximately 300 cc of saline in each. For various reasons, I would like to have the... READ MORE

PRP AFTER a BA with Fat Transfer?

I had implants removed & on that same day a fat graft to the breasts. 5 months later, all of the fat, which looked great initially, is gone. At 27... READ MORE

Is It Better to Wait to Do Breast Lift After Removal of Implants or Can It All Be Done in the Same Op?

Hi I am looking to get my silicone implants removed without replacement. Yesterday I saw a Breast surgeon ( not a cosmetic surgeon) he deals more with... READ MORE

I would like to take my 14 yr old saline under the muscle implants out and get a lift. Should I do it at the same time?

Should I do it at the same time? Would I have a better outcome if I take them out and let my breast heal into their natural shape before I lift them?... READ MORE

Can silicon implant removal & fat transfer enlargement be done in the same surgery?

I had silicone implants about 40 years ago. The first time I realized they'd become encapsulated, a doctor popped them in his office by manual... READ MORE

Is it OK to have an explant, lift and fat transfer at the same time?

I'm booked in on the 7th of febuary to have my implants removed a up lift and fat transfer from belly to breast, I've had some many different... READ MORE

Explanation with breast reduction surgery. (photos)

10 years ago I got small saline implants to correct uneven breasts (DD) after four pregnancies my breasts are now a 36N cup. They are very low and... READ MORE

I want my saline implants removed, no replacement & a lift done at the same time. Surgery length & recovery time? (photo)

I believe they are making me sick (joint/muscle pain, mild burning sensation, "tired/foggy" feeling with no other explanation for these symptoms). I'm... READ MORE

I'm having subglandular double luman implants removed with lift at the same time under local anesthesia. Any feedback?

I'm having 23 year old double luman sub glandular implants (silicone inside center luman and saline in the outer smooth luman ) removed with lift at... READ MORE

I want to have my implants removed but I'm worried about sagging skin. Any suggestions? (photos)

I've had 2 sets of silicone implants, which have been placed in front of the muscle. The 1st set was in for 17yr until 1 ruptured. I had them replaced... READ MORE

Should I do an explant and lift in one or two operations? (Photo)

I want to remove my breast implants and do a lift. I have spoken to two doctors who says that they want to do the explant and lift in the same... READ MORE

Can I have the implants removed and do a lift at the same time?

My implants are over 30 yrs old and above muscle. I want them removed and lifted with possible reduction. Can I do this at the same time, or should I... READ MORE

Can repair of inverted nipples and implant removal be contained in one surgery?

I am interested in removal but have only truly been self-conscious of my inverted nipples. The implant "pushed" one of my nipples out (not the other).... READ MORE

Can I have my silicone implants and a lift at the same time?

Had implants put in ant 25 years ago. No problem with them just too big. Can I have smaller implants put in at the same time I have the old large ones... READ MORE

Explant of 15 year old silicones with fat graph replacement? (photo)

I am hoping to find out details from women that have had this procedure done and from Doctors that have performed this type of procedure. Can both be... READ MORE

If an explantation with complete capsule removal is done, can a lift be done at same time? How about fat deposits. (photos)

I am 64 yrs old and have always been in good health. However, I am beginning to panic since it has been 15 yrs since I had the inner muscular gel... READ MORE

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