Safety + Breast Implant Removal

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Is It Safe to Have Implants Removed While Awake?

I had my implants 4 years ago, under the muscle. I went from an A cup to a B cup. But I never really wanted them in the first place. I want them... READ MORE

Post Explant One Breast Drains a Lot and the Other Almost None at All, The Drains are Open, is this Safe?

I had my breast implants explanted 3 days ago. They were Mentor Silicone and places under the muscle. I have drains in, however my left breast is... READ MORE

Explant/Lift at the Same Time.

I want my implants removed, and am pretty sure I'll want a full lift, too, as I have larger implants and a decent amount of natural tissue.... READ MORE

Is it Dangerous For Breast Implants to be Removed in First 6 Weeks After Implanting?

I just had breast augmentation four weeks ago. I am 37, and after nursing four babies I really wanted some volume back. After some research online... READ MORE

Do You Have to Empty Saline Implants Before Removing Them?

I have 325cc implants. I have had them for 10 years without any complications. They are soft to the touch (not hard). I want them removed without... READ MORE

Breast Implant Removal and Lipo on Upper Flank

I am having my breast implants removed. doc will use my existing scar that is under the crease of my breast. She also offered to lipo the fat i have... READ MORE

Removal of implants & full capsulectomy. Drains or no drains? (photos)

My surgeon did not use drains as he said the fluid will help to add size and shape to my breasts. He said he is hoping my body doesn't reabsorb the... READ MORE

Is It Safe To Drain Saline Implants Without Removal?

I Have Been Told By A PS That I Could Have My Implants Drained And Leave The Shells In Indefinitely....That They Would Just Shrivel Up To Little Balls... READ MORE

Is It Safe to Have my Breast Implants Removed in my Doctors Office??

Hi, i am 24 years old and have had silicone breast implants for 2 years. And i am wanting them out! My Dr. who put them in, told me he would take them... READ MORE

I considering taking out my 350cc for 400cc on 5'3" 105lbs petite, athletic frame. Safe to do 2-3 wks after 1st surgery? (photo)

I knew I wanted 375-400ccs before I went to surgery. Non-communication with my surgeon (who I adore) ended up her using smooth moderate 350 Sientra... READ MORE

How safe is local anesthesia for breast implant removal?

Which type of anesthesia is the best if I don't want general for removal of saline implants. READ MORE

Removing scar capsule during explant of breast implants

I want to remove my capsule when removing my silicone implants but after seeing surgeon after surgeon they say they can't usually remove 100% of the... READ MORE

Is getting an explant & lift safe?

Is getting a lift & explant relatively safe? And what are the risk associated with this? If any? READ MORE

Breast explant surgery after 40 years. Which is safer: in office, or in a hospital under general with an anesthesiologist?

I am afraid of the psychological effect of no breasts, not fitting into clothes, etc. I have always had hard capsule, many immune issues, pain,... READ MORE

Are there any recovery/risk differences with with Breast Implant Removal through the armpit rather than under the breast fold?

All the posts I've read talk about removal of implants from breast underfold. My implants were inserted through my armpit behind breast muscles. I am... READ MORE

2 years Post-op Implants with level II Capsular Contracture: Is it Safe to Remove and Replace?

He did mention a medicine but he said it's known to have some side effects & usually isn't effective. So he suggest I have the capsule removed & place... READ MORE

Breast lift during implant removal? I have been battling breast infections. Is it safe to do a lift at same time?

I must get 20 year old implants out due to extreme pain and now 4 breast infections (R Breast gets red and really swollen) in a year and a half. I... READ MORE

Breast implant removal. Capsulectomy with Mastopexy? (Photo)

I had 410cc textured cohesive silicone gel implants placed above the muscle 5 years ago. I had grade 1 ptosis and was a 34c pre op. My surgeon said I... READ MORE

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