Risk + Breast Implant Removal

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I Developed Capsular Contracture in my Left What Will Happen if I Don't Have It Removed?

My left breast has a slightly different shape but im scared of getting the scar tissue removed because it my occur again. If I decide to leave it... READ MORE

Affordable Options for Saline Implant Removal?

I had saline implants inserted 9 years ago, and one them deflated 3 days ago. I have no interest in ever having it replaced, and would just like both... READ MORE

Breast Implants Removal at Old Age?

I've been think of getting breast implants. I understand its short term risks and safety, but I can't find a clear and direct answer on its long term... READ MORE

Risks, Expectations For Removal of 30-year Old Ruptured Silicone Implants Capsule (Intracapsular Rupture)? (photo)

What are the risks/ outcome of removal of 30-year old RUPUTURED silicone implants - smoker, age 51 (intracapsular rupture detected in recent mammogram... READ MORE

Risks of Explantation of 500cc Under Muscle Silicone Implants Thru Areola? (photo)

I'm wondering if there will be deformity to my nipples, or the caved-in look from going thru the areola versus removal from under the breast, as they... READ MORE

How Dangerous is It to my Health Not to Have Implants Removed when One Has Ruptured and is Leaking Silicone out of a Small Hole?

The silicone has started to ooze out of a tiny pinhole on the underside of my breast. Surgery is not an option as I am not financially able to pay for it. READ MORE

Explant of Ruptured Sub-muscular Cohesive Gel Implant: is En Bloc Necessary?

Hi- I recently discovered, and confirmed through MRI, an intracapsular rupture of my sub-muscular 410 cohesive gel implants. They are about four years... READ MORE

I Have Ruptured PIP Implants and Am 4 Weeks Pregnant. Risks to my Baby?

Hi, I found out just before Christmas that my PIPs silicone implants have ruptured and would need to be removed. Then on Christmas day, I found out l... READ MORE

Breast Implant Removal and Lift at the Same Time?

Hello, I want to remove my breast implants, which I have had for 15 years. I know for sure that I do not want to replace them. I also want to get a... READ MORE

4 Weeks Post Op Tomorrow. When Am I No Longer at Risk for Hematoma or Seroma? No Capsulectomy.

I have asked my Dr and she said 3 weeks. Then she told me that people can still get them 3-4 weeks post op from vacuming. This is very frustrating... READ MORE

Does the Capsule Have to Be Removed when Removing Breast Implants?

My ps said he does not remove the capsules since they contain tissue when removing implants. Is this harmful? He also said that since I had a lift a... READ MORE

Ruptured Saline Implant Hurts, How Harmful to Leave in?

My 2006 saline implant ruptured and deflated very quickly two wks ago. I was told my ins would cover if medically necessary. I have been informed its... READ MORE

Is It Risky To Be Traveling out of State to Go to a Known Surgeon For Capsulectomy? (photo)

I am considering traveling to Los Angeles from Texas, to do a breast implant removal and capsulectomy. Silicone, 28 years old, above the muscle, and... READ MORE

Is It Easy to Re Implant if I'm Unhappy with my Explant?

I'm explanting in a weeks time, my breasts were an A cup to begin with and I have 335 allergan under the muscle. I have never really liked the... READ MORE

What is the Capsule That Many Doctors Refer to with Regards to Breast Implants?

I am exploring breast implant explantation, and in many Q&As, the Doctors refer to the 'capsule' created by the implant. What is this made... READ MORE

PIP Removal?

I have PIP implants and am having them removed without replacement. They are 245cc overs. I wanted them removed en bloc but a surgeon I saw said he... READ MORE

Does having capsular contracture increase risk of "sunken in" or "indented" nipples or breast tissue after explant? (photo)

I have seen numerous girls that get the sunken in or uneven puckered skin on their breasts after explant. It seems to me, most of these cases have had... READ MORE

What is the healthiest option for explant without replacement, a capsulectomy or capsulotomy?

I am looking at having a breast explant without replacement. I have read that for health reasons, a capsulectomy is best. However, some doctors prefer... READ MORE

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