Revision + Breast Implant Removal

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How Long Should It Take to Replace an Implant After Its Been Taken out

I developed hematoma in my left breast and my dr has decided to remove the implant to let the infection clear up. Once Im back to a healthy point he... READ MORE

How to Minimize Anchor Scars with Explantation or Smaller Implants?

I have large implants along with a lift. They are starting to look square and this is the 5th lift over 4 pregnancies. Im thinking of removing them or... READ MORE

How Long Do I Let an Infection Try to Clear on Its Own, Before Knowing It is the Implant?

I had nipple recontruction using my own skin after a bilateral mastectomy.One side tookthe skin graph fine the other never worked and it got infected.... READ MORE

After Implant Removal and Lift, Will The New Indentation Need More Work to Correct? (photo)

More info to previous question: First implants were under the muscle through the nipple which puckered. He tried 3 times to correct this. The 2nd DR... READ MORE

I have muscle deformity after Breast implant removal. Will it get better, or will I need further surgery? (Photo)

I had my breast implants removed 7 weeks ago after only having them for 11 weeks. They look almost the same as they did before my BA I was barely an A... READ MORE

Is It Medically Advisable to Have 27yr Old Silicone Calcified Capsules/implants Removed and Reimplant Months Later?

I have 2 DR opinions and they are exactly the opposite 1) wait months for healing after surgery and then reimplant 2) do removal and reimplant in one... READ MORE

How long should the swelling take for a right revision capsulectomy? I'm 3.5 weeks post surgery and worried. (photo)

I think my PA took the drain out too early. Had it in for 6 days, but was still draining over 30mg every 12 hours. Can this be fixed without another... READ MORE

What Can Be Done to Improve This Without Surgery? (photo)

I had a BA with benelli lift revision and removed the implants five days after because I hated them. I am now 4 weeks post op and my nipples are... READ MORE

Do I need to have my breast implants removed ? (photo)

I had a revision for my first breast augmentation done about 10 months ago. It was to correct my implants that were too low and too close together. I... READ MORE

Likelihood of Natural Looking Breasts After Implant Removal?

How often is other cosmetic surgery recommended after implant removal? Will breasts appear natural again? READ MORE

Can I re-implant breast implants, 2 years after explant with a nice result?

2 yrs after removing perfectly fine silicone implants due to them being too large and a anxiety about silicone I had , I'd love to have smaller saline... READ MORE

Do I dare explant 525cc silicone under the muscle after 3 revisions and little to no breast tissue? (photos)

Over the last 20 years I have had three surgeries, 2 capsulectomies and now have 525cc (1 year old). They are too big and bother me. I love most of... READ MORE

Explant Versus Exchange?

I'm 5' 3", 115 lbs, 34B, petite frame. I had 350cc, high profile, saline implants under muscle on 3-7-12. I am now a 34D. They are too... READ MORE

3 months after explant cause from bottomed out. Will my revision surgery be the same as a normal BA? (Photo)

Hi, I had explant 3 months ago. After bottomed out 4 days post op. I still want to have an implants but I wonder how difficult is the revision? And... READ MORE

Implant removal for borderline symmastia 2 months prior to revision/replacement surgery necessary?

I had 300cc saline, overfilled to 350 for 13 years without issue. I had them replaced a month ago with 385cc gel mod plus. My dr said he had to... READ MORE

Can I get implants again after removal?

I removed my implants after 5 months because of pain and the size was too big. Can I get implants again I'm just wondering because my capsules were... READ MORE

Implant Removal or Revision? (Photos)

I've been having implants (250cc, textured, round, silicone subglandular) for 26 years and unhappy because of their unnatural appearance and... READ MORE

Should I remove the implants? Or would it be best to keep them until revision surgery? Thank you for your advise.

I'm 3mo. post op and I have had a very bad experience with my BA surgery and results. I'll require revision to correct over dissected pocket and was... READ MORE

Can breast capsules be easily surgically removed when they were left behind but the implants only had been removed?

I will be getting implants out only without replacement because I want to be free of them after a decade. All else if fine with the implants and the... READ MORE

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