Replacement + Breast Implant Removal

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How is Breast Implant Replacement Surgery Done?

I have textured silicone implants in a subglandular placement and want to replace them with smooth silicone implants under the muscle. Will the... READ MORE

What is the Recommended Time Between Removing and Replacing an Implant?

I posted "What's considered normal incision leakage after a breast lift/reaugmentation". Thanks for the great responses. On that Sunday... READ MORE

Is It Easy to Re Implant if I'm Unhappy with my Explant?

I'm explanting in a weeks time, my breasts were an A cup to begin with and I have 335 allergan under the muscle. I have never really liked the... READ MORE

Pseudomonas After Augumentation & Again After Explant? What Are The Causes?

I had aug in August (saline). The right was fine but left was draining & painful. After culture, pseudomonas was found & PS put me in Cipro.... READ MORE

My wife was diagnosed with implant associated seroma ALCL earlier this year and had the implants removed?

My wife was diagnosed with imlant associated seroma ALCL earlier this year and had the implants removed.She is not at all happy with the aftermath. Is... READ MORE

28 Yr Old Implants Rupture. Replace over or Under?

I am a very athletic active 59 year old 5' 4 1/2", 125lbs. Mammogram confirmed rupture. Older experienced BC PS recommends replacing w round high... READ MORE

Implant Removal and Replacing It with Fat? (photo)

I have silicone teardrop breast implants for 24 years, one times replaced. I also had a bit of tuberous breast 23 years ago when I first had my... READ MORE

Do I need to removed my capsules? Can I do local anesthesia?

I got my first implants in 1995, 275 cc over the muscle, never had any issues and then in 2007 I decided to remove them and replaced them for 450cc... READ MORE

How Long for Implant Replacement After Bacterial Infection?

I recently had a capsulectomy with implant replacement, placement of Allomax and use of a drain. I developed an infection and had the implant and ADM... READ MORE

What Should my Discussion with my Surgeon Be Like About Replacement of Implants As Far As Size & Appearance Goes?

I am 1 week PO after explantation of 35 yr old ruptured, silicon, in front of muscle implants, with quite alot of tissue & muscle damage. I have... READ MORE

Is it Safe to Have Implant Revision After Capsular Contractures with Hashimoto Thyroiditis? Should they Just be Removed?

My girlfriend has HT. She had silicone implants placed under the muscle, 3 months later developed capsular contracture Grade 3 in both breasts. The... READ MORE

Will Intra-capsuler Silicon Implants Rupture Develop into Extra-capsuler over Time? Removal and Replace in One Procedure?

Dear Dr. I have 175cc silicon texture breast implants under the musle for 15 years. a MRI suggested intra-capsuler rupture on the right. I have vey... READ MORE

How Long is the Best Period of Time to Wait Before Replacing Old Implants Due to a Seroma? (photo)

I have had my left breast drained for a second time due to a large seroma (1 litre). This time the fluid was infected, but the implant is in tact, not... READ MORE

Is There Ever a Reason to Remove Implants and Not Replace Them Besides ALCL?

If a woman has capsular contracture in one breast, why would a plastic surgeon need to remove both implants and capsules if neither implant was... READ MORE

Implant removal for borderline symmastia 2 months prior to revision/replacement surgery necessary?

I had 300cc saline, overfilled to 350 for 13 years without issue. I had them replaced a month ago with 385cc gel mod plus. My dr said he had to... READ MORE

Should I replace my breast implants done 16 years ago?

I had saline breast implants done when I was 21 and I am now 37. I have noticed my breast hardened quite a bit but no discomfort. I looked online and... READ MORE

I Have Had my Breast Implant Removed After a Deep Infection, How Soon Can It Be Replaced?

I am desperate and want it replaced quickly, but my surgeon says we must wait 3 months!! READ MORE

I want to remove my breast implants and replace with just lifts. Is this possible?

I need some help regarding a surgeon that will be able to explant my cohesive implants.they are sub musculur and when they were inserted a breast lift... READ MORE

If Breast Implants Are Completely Removed Without Replacing Them at That Same Time, Can You Again Someday Put Implants in Again?

I was told by a surgeon that you cannot ever get implants again if you remove your breast implants without replacing them during that same surgical... READ MORE

After an Emergency Explant Due to Hematomas, Should I Re-implant with Smooth Round or the Textured Natrelle 410's?

I had a hematoma in each breast& had an explant on post-op day 18. They were smooth, round 500 cc. I have found out I have a low end of normal... READ MORE

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