Rash + Breast Implant Removal

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Surgeon Just Told Me my Pics Look Like I Have Cc, Only 18 Days Post Op? (photo)

I have a red rash/bruise that is hard and bumpy to touch appear 16 days post op. My surgeon thinks this is cc and has told me to massage downwards in... READ MORE

5 weeks post op, how long before we can sleep without a sports bra?

I would like to get other's opinions on how long, in general, we need to wear a sports bra "all the time". How long before we can sleep without one or... READ MORE

Saline Implant Illness?

I had saline breast implants for 12 years. Last year one deflated. Immedialtey I noticed my arms had blotchy non itchy rash and I was slighty swollen... READ MORE

Three weeks ago had my implants removed and a breast lift. (photos)

Since then have had an itchy rash around my incision lines and around my breast was told to use Cortizone cream by my surgeon but not helping. Any... READ MORE

What could have caused my saline textured breast implants to give me this rash? Silicone textured flakes, Bacteria, etc? (Photo)

I had this rash, and only after I had my implants removed, they all went away except for axilla areas (both); I now have enlarged lymph nodes. Severe... READ MORE

Red rash above incision, not on it!

 I'm about a month post op and have developed a rash that itches above my incision under my right breast. The rash isn't on the incision or even... READ MORE

Itching skin rash after removal of 32 year old Dow Corning silicone implants. What can I do?

I had my silicone implants removed after a 3D mammography showed my implants had ruptured. They actually had not ruptured but were breaking down. Two... READ MORE

9 days post Saline submuscular breast implant removal (implanted 2003)- SEVERE complications, no infection (Photo)

Thank you in advance for any insight. This started immediately post removal (though my PS is denying it, my breasts were purple when I left his office... READ MORE

Agonizing rash I believe from steri strips adhesive. What else can I do to get rid of it? I had an explant with a lift. (Photo)

Day 4 post op I woke up with rash around the steri strips on my breasts. Saw nurse day 5 and was prescribed steroid ointment. Day 6 rash got horribly... READ MORE

Would reconstruct w/expanders & ADM be reasonable after complicated revision resulting in removal of implants? Alternatives?

18 y/o 375cc saline overs replaced with slightly smaller gels, added SERI, Benelli & scar rev at lt auxilla. Seroma rt areolar healed. Thin tissues.... READ MORE

What would cause a rash underneath breast along incision line, and what should be done for it?

What would cause a rash underneath breast along incision line, and what should be done for it? READ MORE

Breast implant extraction twice due to infection! What are my options going forward?

Over the muscle, silicone Oct 2016. Left breast swelling initially and later oozing from incision, no fever. Implant extraction Nov 2015. Swab culture... READ MORE

Can anyone explant my 22 year old Smooth Saline Implants due to health issues?

I've decided to explant my smooth saline implants (second set) due to health issues (dizziness, clumsiness, chronic breast eczema/rashes, memory... READ MORE

I developed a rash on my torso front and back 6 days after explant surgery. What could be causing this? (photos)

5 days after explant surgery I developed a itchy rash with little red bumps inbetween my breasts. The next afteroon the bumps spred to my tummy, back... READ MORE

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