Pros And Cons + Breast Implant Removal

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PIP Removal?

I have PIP implants and am having them removed without replacement. They are 245cc overs. I wanted them removed en bloc but a surgeon I saw said he... READ MORE

CONFUSED! Is a capsulectomy (partial/full) or no capsulectomy necessary when removing silicone breast implants? Pros and Cons?

I have made up my mind to remove my silicone implants, size 260cc, with a lift. I'm experiencing some pain on the right breast. However, I don't... READ MORE

When would you recommend the pectoral muscle be sutured to the chest wall after removing breast implants? pros/cons? (Photo)

I have 450cc silicone implants under the muscle for 10 mo's. I developed capsular contracture in the L breast which the surgeon fixed. Now my L breast... READ MORE

Do Saline Implants Need to Be Drained Before Explantation? And Please Tell Me the Pros and Cons.

Im sorry I do not have any photos....Im very curious though, so please consider answering my question above, Thank you, Angelface1 READ MORE

With a ruptured cohesive gel silicone implant is it better to have the capsule removed or not? Pros and cons?

Conflicting info from surgeons, even as to scar placement and drain versus no drain READ MORE

Is it common to use tubes in conjunction with explant surgery? What are the pros and cons, and why? (photo)

I have consulted with the surgeon who performed surgeries #1 and #2 regarding an explant procedure. Btw, he has been in practice for 24 years, and he... READ MORE

Breast implant removal under local anesthesia with no lift.

I will getting my silicone breast implants (cc 450) of 3 years removed under local anesthesia with no lift. Are there anythings to know going into... READ MORE

6 week old implants-Capsule removed?

I will be having my implants out at 6 weeks post BA. I want to know what other doctors say about the capsule being removed. There are so many... READ MORE

The best way to transition - Implant removal & fat transfer with lift?

A Plastic surgeon (breast) asked me "would you take your implants out all together?". a few breast aug later ( last 5+mo ago) Wasting my life on the... READ MORE

Implant removal - Does the capsule if left in the breast reabsorb into the body?

If left in does it cause distortion of the breast? What are the pros and cons of leaving the capsule in the great after the implants have been... READ MORE

Is doing a fat transfer at the same as a breast explant possible? What are the pros and cons?

Im having my implants removed and I know I wont be thrilled with the after, re implanting is not an option so I wanted to do fat transfer at the same... READ MORE

In general, what is the typical attitude of a breast explant surely patient after the skin has normalized?

I am scheduled for an explant in two months and I want this to be the right decision! Naturally, there will be things that I miss about having... READ MORE

What are the pros and cons with regards to performing breast explant/ mastopexy together vs separate procedures?

I would like to understand the risks and benefits of each from a professional, surgical point of view. Which is easier for the surgeon to perform and... READ MORE

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