Pocket + Breast Implant Removal

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What Happens to the Pocket After Breast Implant Removal?

 If the capsule is not taken out? Can you feel it? What happens to the pocket when breast implants are removed? READ MORE

Breast Implant Removal and Subsequent Fat Transfer to Resulting Pocket

I plan to have a B.A. soon using implants, but I know one day they will have to be removed. I am doubtful I would want to replace them at that pt, as... READ MORE

Do I Need to Remove Capsules due to Implant Capsular Contracture?

Do I need to have all the capsules removed and both pockets sewn up? What happened if my surgeon said there is no need for this to be done? He said... READ MORE

Is the pocket under the muscle closed up surgically during implant removal? & Is it necessary to remove the capsule? (photo)

I have lateral displacement and bottoming out of my 550 cc saline implants. I want to know if the pocket is general closed up surgically after implant... READ MORE

Will There Be a Pocket After Breast Implant Removal?

I want to have my implants removed, they are under the muscle, will there be a pocket? READ MORE

How are pockets made smaller?

I'm due to have my revision surgery in just over a week and I'm interested to know how the size of my pockets will be altered. READ MORE

Can Air Get Caught in the Pocket After Removing Breast Implants?

I've just had my implants removed from under the muscle due to one deflating. Last night while putting on my compression garment I heard a noise in my... READ MORE

Breast Pocket Close After Implants Removal?

I am 24years old and I had 380cc implants. They are very big for my small frame so i want to remove them because it hurts so bad. Will the pocket... READ MORE

In pain every day, want to explant ASAP. Pocket too large, implant too large, crease lowered, painful, look matronly. (photo)

I got overzealous with breast augmentatio and now all the great features about my breasts are gone as well as being terribly uncomfortable and I have... READ MORE

When will the pockets heal or how soon can I begin massaging and exercising them to help with the sagging?

I had 500cc saline mentors placed above the muscle and had implant removal 5 days ago. I had big breasts to begin with and now want to try to improve... READ MORE

Can a Breast Implant Be Re-implanted in the Same Pocket After Explant (Without Pocket Removal) 4 Weeks Ago?

I am 22 years old and had explant 4 weeks ago without pocket removal as the implants were the wrong size. If they can be re-implanted how long must I... READ MORE

I want simple explant. As long as the capsule is soft will the pocket close by itself & whats chance of fluid build-up?

Will it be of benefit to remove a small piece of capsule even if it's thin & soft, will this prevent fluid build-up? Is it better to suture,score or... READ MORE

Will the pocket left over from my breast implant close over time? (photo)

I had my breast implants removed six days ago. I was wondering, is the pocket where the implant lived going to close itself over time or will I always... READ MORE

3 months post op, would you recommend implant removal? l'm under the risk of symmastia because of too medially close implants.

Ever since PO my implants'r getting closer.l consulted to a lot of Ps.Result:Implant Pocket Revision.But l dont want any manipulation to my pockets... READ MORE

Should I remove the implants? Or would it be best to keep them until revision surgery? Thank you for your advise.

I'm 3mo. post op and I have had a very bad experience with my BA surgery and results. I'll require revision to correct over dissected pocket and was... READ MORE

How long (after explant) until pocket closes up?

I know the breasts can usually take months to heal after an explantation, but typically how long does it take for the pocket inside to close up? Had... READ MORE

After explant, what happens to the "pocket?"

Once implants have been removed, what happens to the pocket? Does it fill back in? Also, how much of your regular breast tissue is sacrificed with the... READ MORE

I'm thinking of explanting and having anither baby, what do u think? (photos)

I have had 3 surgeries. I believe my pockets were never created correctly from the beginning. I feel that the pockets were created too high and my... READ MORE

What is the cost to remove implants (brand new) and close the pocket?

I would like to know what is the cost to remove implants and closing the pockets made for it. How is the recovery? Im in Michigan. Thank you READ MORE

After having my implant removed I am experiencing extreme leakage. Is this normal?

My left implant was removed about a week and a half ago (3 weeks after I initially got them) due to infection. There was only 10-15ml of infected... READ MORE

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