PIP + Breast Implant Removal

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Post Surgery Bra's After Breast Implant Removal?

Dear Dr's, I'm having my breast implants removed this summer, with no replacement. I see, from this site, that some ladies have been advised to wear a... READ MORE

I Have Ruptured PIP Implants and Am 4 Weeks Pregnant. Risks to my Baby?

Hi, I found out just before Christmas that my PIPs silicone implants have ruptured and would need to be removed. Then on Christmas day, I found out l... READ MORE

Ruptured PIP Implants and Apparent Infiltrated Lymph Node in Right Axila. Will Lymph Node Need To Be Removed?

I have PIP implants 4 yrs old and both are ruptured. right axilla has a hyperechoic area 22x17x26mm with snowstorm apearence, suggestive of lymph node... READ MORE

I Want to Remove my Implants and Have a Fat Transfer Augmentation?

I am a pip lady. I sill have my pip implants and want them out ASAP. After that I was thinking of having the fat transfer augmentation. Would this be... READ MORE

PIP Victim is Sub Muscular Implant AND Capsule Removal my Best Option?

I am 38 have had PIP submuscular implants I think 220 for 6 years I want them removed and not replaced I have read a lot about the capsule and would... READ MORE

How Will my Breasts Look After Removal of 430cc PIP Implants?

Visited my surgeon today to discuss the options for the removal of my PIP implants. Advised to have them removed and wait 6 months before making the... READ MORE

What Can I Expect From PIP Implants Removal 8 Years PO?

Hi, I had PIP implants inserted over the muscle 8yrs ago, when I was 18. I am now 26. My weight has stayed constant. However I have had two babies and... READ MORE

What Are the Risks of My Second Round of Breast Explant?

I originally had Trilucent implants placed sub muscular in 1996 which were removed and replaced with PIPs in 2000. These now also have to be removed.... READ MORE

My PIP Implants are Sagging 7 Years Post Op, What Can Be Done To Make Them Perkier After Removal?

I've had my implants in for almost 7 years. I am 26 and never had children yet they have sagged alot and have dropped at least a few inches down... READ MORE

Im a Fitness Instructor & Just Had PIP Implants Removed, Not Replacemt, How Long Do I Need to Recover?

I am a Fitness Instructor & when at work take 7 Classes a week of Kettlebell circuit workouts lasting 1 hour each. I have just had Both PIP... READ MORE

Sub Muscular PIP Capsule Removal or En Bloc?

I have Lupas and other auto immune issues. I would like my implants removed and have seen two surgeons in London that will remove and uplift for me.... READ MORE

I Had BA 5 Days Ago to Remove Pips and Also Cap Contraction, Why Does Left Breast Feel Very Hot?

It's just my left breast that feels very hot right one has normal body temperature READ MORE

Ruptured PIP Implants Removed but is It Right That Surgeon Left in Part of Capsule?

I had PIP silicone implants front of muscle 11 years ago. The right was ruptured & silicone found in lymph nodes & left had alot of gel bleed.... READ MORE

Could I Have an Internal Infection? Explantation 3 Weeks Exactly?

Please help I'm exactly 3 weeks today after an explantation. I had PIP's removed due to worry. They were not ruptured. Surgery went well. Stitches... READ MORE

Explantation of PIPs Without Replacement - Capsulectomy and Further Mastopexy Questions?

I have PIP implants overs & would like these to be explanted without replacement for future health/safety reasons. I had them inserted 5yrs ago as... READ MORE

I've just had my ruptured pip implants removed (no lift or replacement) and my boobs look scary. (photos)

Will my breasts ever look "normal" after implant removal or am I left looking like a freak? Concave, wrinkly n emptyPlease help, I want to cry  READ MORE

I Had PIP Implants Removed June 2012?

I had PIP implants removed back in June 2012, Rt implant ruptured, over the last month my right breast has had 3 aspirations done due to fluid build... READ MORE

Asymmetry of Breasts Post Surgery? (photo)

I am 2 weeks post op tomorrow after having my original implants removed due to being PIP implants. I am generally happy with the shape of my breasts... READ MORE

Breast implant removal without an uplift, cost of surgery in the uk. Could i get surgery on NHS?

I am cocerned about my implants health wise. I had an uplift with implants in 2005.I am 54 now and worry that i cant examine my breasts properly for... READ MORE

Is it worth having my lymph nodes removed that have pip silicone in them?

My consultant said she would remove them but the are risks, am worried if I don't that something in the future could happen due to this silicone in my... READ MORE

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