Perky + Breast Implant Removal

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Will my breasts fluff and be perky like they used to be before my Breast Augmentation? What can I do to help them fluff up?

I had a breast augmentation done on 5-14-14 and explanted on 6-3-14. I had 270cc saline under the muscle. I was a 32 A before my BA with very perky... READ MORE

My PIP Implants are Sagging 7 Years Post Op, What Can Be Done To Make Them Perkier After Removal?

I've had my implants in for almost 7 years. I am 26 and never had children yet they have sagged alot and have dropped at least a few inches down... READ MORE

Is it possible for my boobs to look nice and perky with a lift and explant? (Photo)

I don't like the round and flat look. I like when they are perky all around with out them looking flat on top. When u do the lift is there a way of... READ MORE

My left breast implant sits higher because it's tuberous. Remove the implants, and get a fat graft into my left breast? (Photo)

I hate my implants, they make me feel matronly. I never wanted large breasts, I just wanted my tuberous breast corrected. Should I remove the... READ MORE

What will my tuberous breast look like post-explanted? (photos)

3 years ago I had implants for my tuberous breast deformity with some scoring of the lower pole. They looked great at first. Then they 'dropped'. I... READ MORE

I had implants 395 cc with a lift want to remove implants and just get a lift, is this possible? (photos)

Hello last year I got breast augmentation with a lift however I do not like the implants and I want to remove them and just get a lift I want small... READ MORE

How long until I can remove my breast implants? And can I make them perky?

I got under the muscle silicone implants when I was 30. I'm 38 and want them removed. Before the surgery I was a very stretched out droopy A cup. Now... READ MORE

Wanting smaller, perky breasts without new implants. Would implant removal, reduction, & lift give me the desired look? (Photo)

I'm interested in removing my implants and getting smaller, perky breasts without additional implants. Would a reduction and lift give me the desired... READ MORE

Will I need a lift if I remove breast implants? If so, is it best to do at the time of removal or at a later date? (Photo)

3 years ago I had 300cc silicon put in below my muscle. Pre surgery I was a full B & perky, now I'm a full C/D. I've had no issues with my implants... READ MORE

Lift only after breast implant removal? (photos)

I had saline implants from 2013-2016. At my initial consultation, I told the dr I was interested in a lift & he said he felt that implants would... READ MORE

Implant removal. Any suggestions?

Is it just absolutely true, not to be able to go from a full size D, to a full B, with the roundness and perky Ness? While I was wanting a lift, and... READ MORE

I am considering removing my implants. Is a fat transfer possible during the procedure?

Had implants 5 years ago. They still look great and perky but feel heavy and burdensome. I'd like to remove them and have a fat transfer to make up... READ MORE

Will I need another lift if I have my implants removed after having a previous lift w/ augmentation less than a year ago?(photo)

I had a breast lift and augmentation in October 2015. I am pretty happy with how they look, just ended up being too big for me. I already had 32c and... READ MORE

30f 5'6 105lb Best way to achieve small perky breasts after implant removal? (Photos)

375ccL 400ccR mentor silicone smooth round high profile gel breast implants implanted 3.5 years ago after losing 25lbs and abdominal/ flank Vaser lipo... READ MORE

Explant and lift, what kind of lift is recommended in my situation?

I am planning to get an explant and lift. I have 500cc silicone under the muscle implants that are seven years old. Original bra size was 34DD,... READ MORE

Any reputable docs in the Boston area for breast implant removal?

Hi, I had breast augmentation 2 yrs ago. I've never been happy wiht them. They feel like a foreign object. I was a full 34b with mild sagging prior. I... READ MORE

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