Periareolar + Breast Implant Removal

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Periareolar Vs Inframammary Fold Incision (En Bloc Capsulectomy & Breast Implant Removal)?

I am looking to have my saline implants removed through my current periareola incision. My doctor insists on using a new incision - inframammary fold,... READ MORE

Am I a Candidate to Do Breast Lift Peri-areolar Incision Instead of Lollipop? (photo)

I wanna remove my breast implants without a replacement, I don't mind if my breast will be really small. I want they looks firm no saggy and fix my... READ MORE

Can the Implant Removal Increase the Chances of Breastfeeding?

I was not able to breastfeed with NovaGold implants in 2009.Can the impant removal increase the chances with next baby?I had periareolar incision and... READ MORE

Explanation surgery. I had textured mentor gummy implants put in via periareolar incision and want them removed? (Photo)

I had my implants put in when I was about 30 years old. That was 10 years ago. . I want them out but concerned about scarring and also sagging. I was... READ MORE

What procedures would you recommend to improve my aesthetic? Peri-areolar lift? Fat transfer?

Hello, I am 5 weeks post enblock explant. I know I need to wait at least 3 months but would like to start hearing some ideas as to what I can do to... READ MORE

Isn't it too invasive to explant through a peri-areolar incision?

I had saline 270cc under the muscle 13 years ago, through peri-areloar incision, i'm wondering if it's best to use the same incision for the explant... READ MORE

240cc silicone subgland implants to treat saggy tuberous breast 4 yrs ago. What can I expect from explantation and lift? (photo)

I am 29y, 120lbs. A periareolar lift was also done. I don't like how saggy they look today. I also find the size too large for my frame. And I still... READ MORE

Is this soreness normal 9 days post explant, or should I be concerned? Does capsule cause long term risks?

Removed my 11 y/o saline, smooth, 350cc, McGhan, submuscular, implants 9 days ago via peri-areolar incision, with local anesthetic and capsule was... READ MORE

I want my implants removed. Given my situation, will it be better to wait for removal or can this really be done asap?

Periareolar catheters removed while still draining lots of blood with clear liquid. Doctor gave me farbi c saying the blood will absorb and I am with... READ MORE

Can implants be removed from periaolar incision?

I am 7 months postop and considering implant removal. Can I do this through the periaolar incision so I don't have another scar? And will the entire... READ MORE

1 month post op how do my peri areolar incisions look to be healing? (Photos)

Hi. I am satisfied with my breast implant removal & replacement via peri areolar incisons but I am a worrier. How do these look at 1 month... READ MORE

Nipple pain and hypersensitivity 4 years post-periareolar lift with 375cc gel implants. (photos)

Four years ago, I had a periareolar lift with 375 cc gel implants done. Post-op had a staph infection in my left nipple along the incision which left... READ MORE

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