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Normal Looking Breasts After Explant Surgery?

I have had saline breast implants for 8 years and am scared of the aesthetic outcome should I have them removed. I am 29 years old, I have very little... READ MORE

Breasts and Pectorals Look Weird After Implant Removal

After I had my implants removed, my breast look weird as well as the pectoral muscle. When I lift my arm, breast goes up also just as if i had... READ MORE

1 Month Post Breast Implant Removal, One Breast is Hard, is Something Wrong?

I had my breast implants removed a month ago and I'm really concered. My left breast is bigger than my right which is typically normal, but the... READ MORE

3 Weeks After Breast Capsulectomy and Swelling is Getting Worse, Normal?

2 weeks after capsulectomy on left breast I got hit really hard on that breast and it began swelling a lot. A few days after my doctor suspected a... READ MORE

Removal of Implants After Tuberous Breast Correction

I got implants (2007) to help release constricted tissue but am not happy with the overall look. Is it possible now to have normal breasts with out... READ MORE

Rib Pain After Impalnt Explantation, Is this Normal?

I had my saline implants removed yesterday and am having some pain all along my left rib cage. I know he had to remove some scarring but the pain goes... READ MORE

Do I Have to Pay to Get Breast Implant Removal After Infection?

I'm having an infection on my left breast 4 weeks after the breast augmentation. My doctor suggests implant removal, however, he also ask me to... READ MORE

Is it normal to still have some pain where the hematoma was removed?

I developed hematoma on my left breast. It was removed six days ago. I'm having a small amount of pain still where the swelling once was. Is this... READ MORE

Is 500 Too Cheap for Saline Implant Removal?

Does price have anything to do with quality of a surgeon. I found a surgeon I like he has great reviews on every website. Hes on I... READ MORE

What are my options for making my breasts look more 'normal' post explant? (Photo)

It has been almost a year since my explant and I still seem to have extra skin. Had 32D implants for 10 years and now have 32A breasts that look empty... READ MORE

After Mentor Implant Removal 10 Days Ago my Incisions Are Very Thick and Feel Like a Rope, Normal?

Is that normal due to all the manipulation it takes to remove the implants and capsules? Everything feels and looks fine otherwise. Just concerned... READ MORE

Breast Implant Removal, 1 Week Later. Severe Muscle Pain on One Side.

I had implants put in 2 years ago, under the muscle. just got them out. pain has been tolerable and going away slowly. but yesterday and today morning... READ MORE

Can my breast look normal if I have breast implants removed without replacing them? (photos)

I had breast implants put in under the muscle 8 yrs ago. I have 350cc. I became pregnant 6 months after. I feel top heavy with them. Never liked them... READ MORE

Is It Common to Have the Implant Placed in the Wrong Place and Taken Right Out?

I was suppose to have implants put in, he started on the first one and it went under my ribs so now i have three scars and no implants. There was also... READ MORE

I've just had my ruptured pip implants removed (no lift or replacement) and my boobs look scary. (photos)

Will my breasts ever look "normal" after implant removal or am I left looking like a freak? Concave, wrinkly n emptyPlease help, I want to cry  READ MORE

No Blood Work Was Requested for Explant, Normal?

I had an appointment for an explant and capsulectomy surgery, but the Doctor never requested any blood work, EKG, or my GP's clearance. I'm... READ MORE

I had explant one month ago. Can anyone tell me why my left breast seems to be puckering and disintegrating? (Photos)

At first my pa said it was normal, then he said it might be a seroma. Then I took the stickies off and it go worse and he's saying it needs to be... READ MORE

I had an explant 4 wks ago. My right breast has a 2nd crease above the natural breast crease. Is this a common issue? (Photo)

I had 300 cc saline implants for 6 years and 1 baby. Explant was done and both capsules removed. No lift. My Dr told me that the crease is result of... READ MORE

Is This A Normal Procedure and Post-Op for Breast Explantation?

I'm having my breast implants removed-no replacement. I've had them 9 years-went from B to a C with smooth saline submuscular-have no capsular... READ MORE

Went from C to E cup, will my boobs return to normal after explant if I do it a little over a year later? (photos)

I went from a 30C to a 30E (up 4 cup sizes) and am thinking of explanating. I haven't been able to make an appointment with my doctor yet to get... READ MORE

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