Nipples + Breast Implant Removal

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What Are Symptoms of Necrosis of the Nipple?

I had saline implants for ten years,they recently found a lump and a biopsy was done, Thank God it was a fibroadenoma. I got scared after the whole... READ MORE

Nipple and Areola Caved in After Explant Surgery. Permanent?

I am three weeks post explant. I had silicone implants for 30 years and had them removed due to rupture. I am devastated with the outcome. I am 56... READ MORE

Implants Were Removed 2 Weeks Ago, and my Nipples Are Caved in

I'm 28yrs-old and i had BA 5 months ago. 2 weeks after surgery when i went to follow up, my PS said, it seemed there might be blood in my left... READ MORE

Nipple Caved in After Explant. Due to Capsule Removal?

I had my textured anatomical silicone implants (230cc, over the muscle) removed 5 months ago. I'd had the implants 11 years, over the muscle, and... READ MORE

Caved in Nipples and Misshapen Breast Post Explant. Please I Need Advice on What I Can Do if Anything?

Hello I am day 13 today post explant.I had compression bandage for 10days. Removal of bandage revealed misshapen breasts and caved in nipples. Surgeon... READ MORE

Will my Nipples Return to Normal Sensation if I Have Breast Implants Removed?

I had breast implants 1 1/2 weeks ago. Both breasts feel very painful to touch, particuliarly on the nipples. I'm sure that I want the implants... READ MORE

Do the nipples always have to be moved for a successful breast lift after implant removal?

I am 56 yrs of age, size does not matter to me anymore. After 20 yrs. 2 sets of implants due to CC,I just want to be healthy again. Over the years... READ MORE

Nipple and Areola Caved in After Explant Surgery. What Can Be Done to Disguise the Scar? (photo)

I had my implants removed 7 months ago. The nipple-areola scar never improved and it pulled in and under where the incision was made. I'm having... READ MORE

Does the Capsule Have to Be Removed when Removing Breast Implants?

My ps said he does not remove the capsules since they contain tissue when removing implants. Is this harmful? He also said that since I had a lift a... READ MORE

Explant Via Nipple/Areola Area. Problems with Scar Adhering and Puckering of Nipple? (photo)

Hello i am 8mths post explant via the nipple/areola. I have pukering of both nipples, the scar appears to be adhered to the chest wall. Please can you... READ MORE

Severe dent under the nipple approx. 3" across after my breast explant! Why?

Should I massage and how to correct. Did not replace. After breast explant my right breast has a severe dent right under the nipple approx. 3" across!... READ MORE

How Many Surgeries Needed for Breast Implant Replacement and Lift?

I have had silicone implants for 30 years. I have hardening. I want them removed and replaced with a lift. A Dr told me to do this in 2... READ MORE

Nipples Sit Higher Than Pre-BA Due to Bottoming Out, Fixable with Explant? (photo)

I had 350cc silicone unders placed 7 months ago and am explanting soon. (I'm 25, no kids, don't smoke, slender/athletic.) The implants have bottomed... READ MORE

Had Implants Removed with Lift, Will Nipple Band Improve? (photo)

After explanting for level 4 capsules and getting a lopipop lift my breasts are misshapen. I have a 'band' under the nipple area which... READ MORE

Will I lose my nipple and square look? (photo)

I am week three - had implants removed and lift/ reduction. My right nipple scabbed and bleed first two weeks. Just wondering if i may still have a... READ MORE

Inframammary Fold Problem

I have 300cc HP,cohesive gel, above muscle, 3 month ago. I want to remove them for several reasons. My IMF is lower than before the BA. Distance... READ MORE

Can Nipples Be Caved in After Under Muscle Implant Revoval?

Hi, I have 450cc silicone implants placed under the muscle since 2008. Upon my explant, is it possible that my nipples may be affected or caved in? I... READ MORE

How much does a breast explant and lift cost? Can I get it free in any medical trials?

I have had 300cc implants for 6 years and they are very uncomfortable. I have had an ultrasound scan onthe nhs and been told there are no issues. The... READ MORE

It has been 8 weeks after implant removal and lift. Will my breasts drop down and stop puckering?

Nipple on right is not centered like the one on left and the stitch around the areola is larger than the areola. Also other nipple is pointing... READ MORE

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