Natural Looking + Breast Implant Removal

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Explant and Lift on Breasts my Size?

I have 350cc implants & am a 32d. I have a full lift on 1 breast. Outcome was optimal (thin, white scars). Would like to explant because I prefer... READ MORE

Explantation To Get Natural Looking Breasts? (photo)

I wish to explant my approx. 500 cc high profile, over the muscle saline implants. My goal is natural feeling and looking breasts. Which of the... READ MORE

Ruptured Silicone Implant After 25 Years? (photo)

I am 56 years old and I found out today that one of my implants has ruptured. I had them put ni, in 1987 so it's been 25 years. I am hesitant to get... READ MORE

I Need a Breast Implants Revision. Removed 8 Y/O Implants 7 Months Ago and Feel Soft and Empty? (photo)

I had implants for 8 years (350ml; round, Silikone; over the muscle). I wasn't really happy with the result (too low nipples.too long instead of... READ MORE

Will I Have Natural Looking Breasts After Implant Removal?

I am 27 years old. After developing capsular contracture in my left breast only after a year of having saline implants put in ( I went from a droopy C... READ MORE

How will my breasts look without implants? Will the areolas get smaller? Should i consider a submuscular replacement? (Photo)

I'm considering removing 14 years old implants which always were pretty hard,especially on the right. The areolas stretched immediately after the... READ MORE

Is It Possible to Have Your Breast Look Natural After You Have Your Implants Removed?

I have 600 right now, but wanted to remove them completely. I am afraid of what my breast would look like, since I was a small B before the surgery.... READ MORE

Can scar tissue distort your breast post surgery?

I had an explant and breast lift about 2 1/2 months ago. My surgeon did a fantastic job they look great so natural. When my breasts are pushed up... READ MORE

Would I be a good candidate for breast implant removal with no lift and have a positive and natural result? (Photo)

I'm 7/8 years post breast augmentation. Ive visited my original surgeon who feels I would be a good candidate. His reasoning is I seem to have good... READ MORE

I just want to be pain free and look natural. What do you suggest I should have done by looking at my breast? (Photo)

I have had 450cc Mentor Smooth Round High Profile Gel implants for almost five years. I have had problems with Capsular Contracture a year after my... READ MORE

I am explanting and want to be as small as possible. What is the best route to follow?

Considering that I have had 2 revisions , the last time the areolas were put on upside down, and my R breast is almost 2 sizes bigger than my L one...... READ MORE

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