Natural + Breast Implant Removal

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Normal Looking Breasts After Explant Surgery?

I have had saline breast implants for 8 years and am scared of the aesthetic outcome should I have them removed. I am 29 years old, I have very little... READ MORE

Who is the best doctor for explantation and breast lift? I have capsular contracture and want my implants removed. (Photo)

I want my breast implants out as they formed a capsular contraction around my right breast. I don't believe replacing is worth the risk, Id rather... READ MORE

Am I a Candidate to Do Breast Lift Peri-areolar Incision Instead of Lollipop? (photo)

I wanna remove my breast implants without a replacement, I don't mind if my breast will be really small. I want they looks firm no saggy and fix my... READ MORE

Removal of under muscle implants - don't want a lift but will my natural breasts be okay without one? (photos)

I had a natural cup size of C impants before impants took me to E which are far too big and heavy. question is when I have them removed will I need a... READ MORE

What Natural Options Do I Have After Removal of Implants Other Than Fat Grating?

My implants are 25 yrs old and I'm planning on having them removed. Almost immediately after surgery, the capsule contracted and they've been hard all... READ MORE

Do I have tuberous or constricted breasts? I was told NOT tuberous, but yes constricted. Thoughts? (photos)

I got implants in 2011. I never knew my natural breasts were "deformed" until my surgeon told me my breasts were constricted. Now I wonder if they... READ MORE

I had breast implants done approximately 10 years ago. I would like to remove them and just leave my natural breast.

Is there an option to use the scar on my areola rather than creating the anchor scar? Also, what happens to the extra skin that the implant created? READ MORE

Do capsules in breast naturally dissolve following explantation?

I have saline implants over the muscle and pronounced CC in right breast. I am considering explanation of both, as they no longer feel or look... READ MORE

I want to have my saline implants removed. Is it possible to get a good result?

I went to see a surgeon today and he said that if I have them removed they will be "very unattractive" because I have little breast tissue, he said my... READ MORE

Explant of 15 year old silicones with fat graph replacement? (photo)

I am hoping to find out details from women that have had this procedure done and from Doctors that have performed this type of procedure. Can both be... READ MORE

Help deciding what type of procedure to remove 6 month old silicone implants?

What is the difference between the types of removals? Removal of capsule vs removal of scar tissue vs. capsulectomy vs capsulotemy? Confused as to... READ MORE

I want to remove my implants after 12 years and am currently going through the Menopause. Any suggestions?

I am 48 yrs old. I have had my implants in for 12 years, but now i'm going through the Menopause and my body is changing I have arrived at the time in... READ MORE

Can breast implants be removed after only 3 months? (photos)

3 months ago, I had 200cc saline implants under the muscle. i hate them - I'm just not comfortable with the implants - they don't sit right with my... READ MORE

Explant with lift. Realistic or ridiculous? (Photos)

I am 50, 5'1 and avg weight. I have had 34D-36DD natural breasts all my life. Had a reduction/lift in 1992. In my 40's lost upper pole full and was... READ MORE

Is implant removal my best option to be comfortable and natural again? How much sagging is expected?

I am 29 yrs old with one child. I have a petite body frame 120lbs at 5'1. Have 510 cc and am a 32ddd very uncomfortable with how large they are and... READ MORE

I have breast implants but want to remove them and stay with natural breast. What would be the process and would they look good?

I don't want implants anymore in my body, i don't mined having small breast. I was a small B and now after having a baby and having implants they are... READ MORE

Would an implant removal and breast lift help me with these heavy & wide breasts? (Photos)

I Would love your opinions. I had a Lift w/300cc silicone LP implants 6 mo. ago. 26cm from nipple to nipple, 13cm from nipple to under breast crease.... READ MORE

If I remove my Implants will I still have a double bubble?

I have breast implants and double bubble when arms up. 300cc and AAA cup size pre BA. Doctor lowered my natural infamammary fold. If i remove my... READ MORE

What would be involved in removing 1987 implants placed under the muscle?

My natural breasts are really "long" and droopy, but the implants are stiil where they should be. It looks very strange. I am 68 yrs old. READ MORE

What happens when you remove your breast implants?

So basically I want my implants removed I was naturally an A cup now a D. I'm scared if I remove them it will be too saggy so I'm thinking about... READ MORE

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