Minimal Scarring + Breast Implant Removal

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Explantation To Get Natural Looking Breasts? (photo)

I wish to explant my approx. 500 cc high profile, over the muscle saline implants. My goal is natural feeling and looking breasts. Which of the... READ MORE

Will Ultimate Breast Lift Work in my Case? (photo)

Getting breast implants Removal in about 1 month due to recurrent Capsular Contracture on the right breast. Breast augmentation was done in 2004 (... READ MORE

Can Breast Implants Be Removed Through the Belly Button?

Can breast implants be removed through the belly button if the original surgery was done with a periareolar incision? i really do not want new scars. READ MORE

I Need a Breast Implants Revision. Removed 8 Y/O Implants 7 Months Ago and Feel Soft and Empty? (photo)

I had implants for 8 years (350ml; round, Silikone; over the muscle). I wasn't really happy with the result (too low nipples.too long instead of... READ MORE

Why does the upper pole seem less full on a lot of people who explant?

Why do some people end up with a full upper pole/same as before implants after explanting and some people end up with little to no upper pole? Does it... READ MORE

I had breast implants in 2003, I'm 5'2, 7st 8 was a 32a before 200cc silicone implants now 32d and unhappy. (Photo)

I'm unhappy with the feel of the implants as you can feel rippling . I just want my normal breasts back. I've been advised that if they are removed it... READ MORE

Explanting 525cc sientra silicon with little to no breast tissue after multiple surgeries and capsulectomies. Suggestion?(photo)

3 sets of implants over 20 years and 2 capsulectomies. Current implants 525cc silicone 1.5 years. My surgeon did a fine job, but these implants feel... READ MORE

How much for an explant and breast lift? (photos)

I would like minimum scars, use old scars would be fine. I have saline 490cc under muscle. I would love to have smaller, at least what's mine is fine,... READ MORE

Will I need a lift if I remove breast implants? If so, is it best to do at the time of removal or at a later date? (Photo)

3 years ago I had 300cc silicon put in below my muscle. Pre surgery I was a full B & perky, now I'm a full C/D. I've had no issues with my implants... READ MORE

Can I remove my saline implants while breastfeeding? How soon after surgery could I pump or breastfeed? (photos)

I have almost 6 year old 420cc implants (through armpit). Was 34A/36B pre implant, went up to 36C/34D after. I am currently breastfeeding my newborn,... READ MORE

Implant removal and lift. I've had a lift and the incisions opened lots of scaring and the lift failed.

I'm looking for a natural look small is ok if the lift does not fall in time.minimizing the scarring. What is the best procedure and cost. READ MORE

Who is the best breast explant surgeon in the GTA?

35 year-old female Looking to explant with enbloc two saline implants. 400cc in each. I've had ben for 10 years and have had surgeries on them three... READ MORE

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