Mentor + Breast Implant Removal

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Looking for a skilled surgeon in the South for a breast explantation, en-bloc capsulectomy.

I have 13 year old Mentor saline sub-peck implants that need to come out. I was told 2 years ago by a specialist to get them out because my body was... READ MORE

Implant removal, breast lift, nipple revision. Realistic expectations? Options? (photos)

11 year old Mentor Saline implants. R-400 cc; L-400 overfilled to 425 cc. 3 kids later. Pics are 4 weeks postpartum, stopped breastfeeding. I want my... READ MORE

Was completely 250cc under Mentor sil gel 2 weeks ago and just want them out. Do I have a chance at being me again?

I got my BA 2 weeks ago...250 cc unders Mentor gel. I was 32AA-completely flat. Almost no breast tissue &now B/small C. The results great but realize... READ MORE

Breast implant removal of smooth, saline (Capsulectomy vs implant removal). Any suggestions?

I've had Mentor saline, smooth implants under muscle (325cc), for 16 yrs. and am ready to explant no replacement. I've had 3 consults and all say a... READ MORE

Wanting to get an explant done 2.5 years post op breast augmentation w/ mentor salines (495 cc's). Will I need a lift? (photo)

As you can see, I was very flat chested and uneven before my breast augmentation. I thought that getting breast implants would make me feel better.... READ MORE

I just want to be pain free and look natural. What do you suggest I should have done by looking at my breast? (Photo)

I have had 450cc Mentor Smooth Round High Profile Gel implants for almost five years. I have had problems with Capsular Contracture a year after my... READ MORE

Any suggestions for Breast implant removal?

I have 325cc mentor saline implants under the muscle. I am looking to explant. PS has suggested explanting from implant incision (aerola). I have... READ MORE

When should I have implants removed? 300cc mentor tex mod pro under muscle w/ lift 8 wks ago. 5'6" 135 after losing 100 (Photos)

I do not like them. They are heavy, I feel them all the time & are MUCH bigger than I wanted. I was told I'd be a B w/only a lift so added... READ MORE

Implant removal, breast lift, areola reduction. Options/most realistic expectation for outcome? Help! Willing to travel for best

I am 30 years old. I have 11 year old Mentor saline sub pectoral breast implants (R-400 cc; L-400 cc overfilled to 425cc) that I want removed. I also... READ MORE

Silicone explanation after 1 week of breast augmentation. How do I approach my surgeon?

I recently had 350 cc high profile mentor memory gel implants put in. I did not expect to be this big and I know that some of it is swelling. I'm... READ MORE

Explanting expectations after 17 yrs of over-muscle,6 wks of textured cohesive teardrop submuscle? (photo)

Please refer to my profile for pictures if possible. I have 6 week old Mentor 245cc under-muscle: very unhappy with size and shape and still... READ MORE

I want my 425cc bilateral Mentor saline implants out for good, one breast has "bottomed out". Do I need a lift also? (Photo)

In September of 2013, I had my implants placed and loved them. I have since had a baby and breastfed him (currently he's four months and still... READ MORE

What is the cost for breast explant in Cincinnati?

I have had my smooth saline mentor implants for 8.5 years. I am now a true GG/H cup. I had a pregnancy 5 years after implant. I want to remove my... READ MORE

Breast implant removal. (photo)

Hi, I'm 8weeks post op, got 350cc, mentor silicone unders and want them out. How much time off from work do I need. Can I have he surgery in a Thursay... READ MORE

Possible to look ok after implant removal? (photos)

2 wks after I'm having 2nd thoughts. I'm active & can see how much they're going to be in my way & prevent me from doing what I used to comfortably. I... READ MORE

Will I need a lift after removing 425Cc bilateral mentor moderate saline Breast implants? (photos)

In September of 2013, I had my implants placed and loved them. I have since had a baby and breastfed him (currently he's four months and still... READ MORE

Can i have a breast explantation under local anesthesia? submuscular

Hi I would like to remove 450 cc mentor saline under muscle 7 yrs with no lift or replacement, but do not want to go under general anesthesia. I... READ MORE

Will your health suffer if you never take drained saline implants out? Do not care about the look.

I have 22 year old Mentor smooth saline implants that were put in under the muscle. One ruptured a few months ago and the other was drained at the... READ MORE

My left breast is healing faster than my right. Is this normal? (Photo)

I had my Mentor HP 500cc saline implants removed from under the muscle 5 days ago. I did not remove my implants. My left breast seems to be healing... READ MORE

I am 42 years old and have generation 4 mentor moderate plus silicone implants and would like to have them removed.

In 2010 I had a breast reduction with mastopexy and submuscular 350 cc silicone implants placed. At the time both the Doctor and I felt it would best... READ MORE

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