Lollipop + Breast Implant Removal

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2 Days Post Op Lollipop Lift? Does This Look Normal? (photo)

I had implant removal (280 cc) and a Lollipop lift. I think...I was surprised my stitches went further than the crease line, one longer than other and... READ MORE

Breast Augmentation and Mastopexy 3 Weeks Ago - Now Considering Removal

I had a breast augmentation and mastopexy 3 weeks ago.Before the surgery I was a B cup,now I'm a C cup.I had 330 cc silicone implants combined... READ MORE

Take out Implants After Already Had Lift with Them? (photo)

I already had the lollipop lift with 330cc saline implant. I I was originally a 36D but my doctor said that the lift would bring me to a possible B or... READ MORE

Would using a breast pump help the dent in my left breast? fat grafting? Lollipop lift? (Photo)

I had 265 cc over the muscle for 14 years and I did an explant with capsuletptommy, lifting and the dr reduce th size of my areola. I regret doing the... READ MORE

Will this heal? (photos)

I am 6 weeks post of breast implant removal and lollipop lift. I am happy with my overall results. The day I was done with my surgery I was really... READ MORE

Can you post pics of pre and post implant removal? I can't find any pics of just implant removal without replacement (Photo)

I have 500cc silicone implants. I originally was a 34B cup now I am almost a DD and I hate them. I got them done originally in September 2011, then... READ MORE

Which breast lift would better for me - the lollipop lift or an internal lift combined with benelli lift? (Photo)

I'm looking into getting my 492 cc silicone gel under muscle removed. I've had two consultations with two board certified plastic surgeons. I'm so... READ MORE

What do you think of widening previous lollipop scar and new under crease tucking skin tissue up into breast?

I am 62 yrs old and wanting to explant 500cc high profile Mentor gel implanted under muscle with large scars from lift same time 500cc implanted. READ MORE

I'm considering implant removal and a lift. Is there any way around getting a vertical scar? (Photo)

I've been told before that I'd need the lollipop but I'm not too enthusiastic about the long vertical scar since it will prob be visible even after... READ MORE

Will I need a lollypop incision after explant to reduce areola size and breast lift? (photos)

Can I get away with just areola reduction? I got implants and a lift (doughnut incision) nearly 6 years ago - going from a small B to a large C.... READ MORE

Should I explant through existing lollipop scar or do a new under breast incision? (Photo)

I'm having an explant without lift and I'm debating where to place the incision. I had a lollipop lift with my BA 1.5 years ago, so I figured we'd... READ MORE

Do any surgeons specialize in performing explant surgery?

I need to have my implants removed, but not sure how to find the right surgeon for my circumstances. I am a 44, 5'4" and 105 lb. I have 250 cc... READ MORE

Will a mastopexy (lollipop) uplift lessen any possible breast deformity following capsulectomy explant of old implants? (Photos)

Would having an uplift at the same time as a capsulectomy/explant preclude possible breast deformities that I've seen images of when the breast... READ MORE

Implant removal, best place for incision?

I have 15 yo saline implants, the right side has a leak and is mostly deflated. My original surgery included a lollipop lift, what is the best... READ MORE

Removal of silicone gel implants en bloc/mastopexy/lollipop, NO drain technique? 59, no children. Axilla route in 1990 (Photos)

Feeling anxious regarding my proposed BAAPS/BAPRAS surgeon's no drain technique? I've had my consultation and I've booked a second about 1 week before... READ MORE

Can anything be done about these scars? (Photo)

I had my breast implants explanted in July. I had a lollipop lift and nipple reduction. It kind of failed on this side as I am assuming not enough... READ MORE

What is the main difference between an anchor lift and a lollipop ?

I'm getting my implants removed and my dr recommended a lift (anchor) I have 600 CC saline implants for just one year . Haven't had any children do I... READ MORE

Im ready to have my implants removed and a revision lipo to my abs. (photos)

I was a small C cup pre BA. What is the best way to go about this? Should I have the implants drained first to give my breast time to shrink ? How... READ MORE

Lollipop lift or just removal?

I have to make a decision within a few hours and I still can"t make up my mind if I should first explant with total Capsulectomy and then a lift down... READ MORE

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