Insurance + Breast Implant Removal

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Explantation Covered by Insurance?

I am considering having my breast implants removed and a lift performed as I have tremendous back and shoulder pain with the weight and my job as a... READ MORE

Is It Possible to Have Insurance Cover Implant Explantation?

I had McGhan saline implants placed subglandularly in 2000. I've developed capsular contracture in my rt breast. Since 2006 I've suffered from... READ MORE

Will Medicaid Pay from Saline Breast Implant Removal?

I had breast augmentation under the muscle in 1998 with saline implants. For the past 5 years or so I've been having pain and discomfort in my breast... READ MORE

Does OHIP cover breast explants? I got my implants in the Dominican Republic but they're not FDA approved.

I live in Ontario. I got breast implants last year in the Dominican Republic. I found out the implants are not FDA apprpved. They are very painful and... READ MORE

Will Insurance Pay to Have Breast Implants Removed After Breast Cancer?

I had a bilateral mastectomy with reconstruction after breast cancer. i am unhappy and concerned with the safety. will insurance pay for the removal... READ MORE

My silicone breast implants were placed in1983. Will Medicare/United Healthcare supplement cover any of the costs involved?

The right implant has become very hard and encapsulated and migrated higher two months ago. It has become painful and restricting my shoulder movement... READ MORE

Implant removal and reimplantation resulting from implant rupture

In January, 1976, I had breast implants by thoracic surgeon because of hyperplasia tissue removed. My insurance paid for them. I was only 30 years old... READ MORE

Can Breast Explant be covered by Insurance?

I would like to get my breast explant covered by insurance. The implants are not only rippling but have started to "tug" and can be quite painful when... READ MORE

Problem with (10yr Old) Saline Implant Moving & Causing Pain...please Help

I have always been large chested but lacked the fullness I desired after 2 children & years of weight gain/loss. Approx 10 yrs ago I had under the... READ MORE

Are capsule implant removals covered by ohip?

I was in an accident 3 yrs ago and insurance will not cover the removal of the implants and my original surgeon wants to charge me $5000 to have it... READ MORE

Would insurance help cover the cost if I have breast implants removed (10 yr post) that are too large and give me back problems?

I asked for natural looking and they are DD to E depending on the store. They have given me back problems. Could the insurance help in removing? READ MORE

I can't afford to have my implants removed. The left side is ruptured Am I in danger?

My implants are 27 years old. I know the left side is ruptured. I do not have the money to do anything. I had a consultation about 4 years ago and... READ MORE

Can All of my Ailments Be Caused by my Implants? If So is It Covered by Insurance?

I'm 37 a mother of 3. I have had my implants for 9 years. Ever since I got them I have been sick. Chest pain, dizzines, weak muscles and joints,... READ MORE

Would I be deformed or need a lift after removal? If I have a rupture would any PS accept Medi-Cal? Costs? (Photo)

I dont feel good having implants. I have started having a lot of health issues since my surgery back in 2008. I also think I may have a rupture in my... READ MORE

Does insurance apply if breast implants need to be removed?

I am 72 yrs old and have had saline implants for over 40 years. Left breast is getting hard and sore. I suspect that the right breast has had a slow leak. READ MORE

Why do I have to pay the full cost in advance for removal of my implants when my insurance covers it? Is this normal policy?

My consulting PS said my insurance will pay for the removal but not for mastopexy & replacement. The total price was quoted as $11,000 with full... READ MORE

Removal of Implants From 10 Years Ago?

I had implants 10yrs ago.Within a yr or two I started having major medical problems.I need to find a plastic surgeon that would be willing to help me... READ MORE

Any suggestions for my 30 year old implants?

I sent in a question concerning having 30 year old implants, now I have had a mammogram and it shows that the pop I heard is the implant burst and is... READ MORE

Looking for a doctor for a breast implant removal covered by my insurance

I have been wanting to remove my implants for about a year. I've seen that my cigna insurance can cover it. I have been having pain on my right... READ MORE

How urgent is it to get a collapsed saline implant removed?

I had a saline implant placed in my right breast about 20 yrs ago due to asymmetry which was paid for by insurance. So 20 yrs and 3 kids later I... READ MORE

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