Inframammary + Breast Implant Removal

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Pain After Implant Removal

I removed my breast implants 7 wks ago via fold incision. did not replace. no lift. they were under muscle. I have dull achy pain. When I reach or... READ MORE

Do the irregularities after explanation represent the original inframammary crease and/or adhesions? How to resolve? (photo)

My explant was performed almost five years and I have had these folds or dents since the surgery. Fat transfer and placing a new implant are NOT... READ MORE

Will a Surgically Lowered Inframammary Fold Raise Itself or Not?

After consulting multiple surgeons, I still am unsure. I had a BA 12/12 and my PS surgically lowered my crease to accommodate the 350cc submuscular... READ MORE

Explantation, Nipple or Under the Breast?

Is there any difference between the two techniques for the final breast shape? Is it one setter than the other? (and why?) READ MORE

Can Breast Fold Asymmetry Be Corrected Without Placing Implants?

I had an explant due to recurrent capsular contracture in my right side. I am two months post op. The fold on the right side has now moved upward. The... READ MORE

Did removal of implants help with shoulder and trapezius muscle pain? Neck Hurts Too.

Just wanting to know if you got relief? My implants are too big for me and I have those issues. Thanks for any info! I am so nervous!! I will not be... READ MORE

Wondering if I would be a good candidate for total breast implant removal? (Photo)

I received my implants towards the end of 2013. The implants placed were 275cc, round, moderate plus, saline, submuscular, infamammary fold. Its now... READ MORE

Removal of 375cc Submuscular silicone, 10 years old. 30 year old female, 5'7" 115 lbs, no children. (photo)

Breast augmentation was submuscular via aeraolar incisions. Revision 8 years ago - implant on right side protruded laterally through breast tissue. A... READ MORE

Is it possible to remove a silicone implant with Keller funnel?

I had 320 cc's placed transaxillary less than 6 months ago. Now I want them removed - without placement of a new implant. Implants are just not for me... READ MORE

Seriously thinking of removing breast implants! 2 weeks post op breast augmentation. Are they too big? (Photo)

5'5 125lbs - 26 in waist 34 in hips Measurements Pre-Op: 34B/C Two weeks ago I had 400cc silicones placed under the muscle through Inframammary. I... READ MORE

Nerve repair breast explant?

Hello, I have 300cc cohesive implants under muscle infammery incision. It has been 4 years and I lost all nipple sensation and still have slight... READ MORE

I've Had to Have Two Implants Removed Due to Infection. What Are the Risks of Another Infection with a New Implant?

10 months ago, I had my initial breast implant surgery. 10 days postop, I had to have the left implant removed due to a staph infection. After healing... READ MORE

Will I end up with a deformity breast and cavi in after my breast implants removal?

I'm 24 years old and just got my implants 2 months ago abd i want to remove them just hate them i will love to get them remove but i'm scare of the... READ MORE

After explant, can the empty pocket underneath the breast be left alone so that breast tissue may fill it in?

When I had my breast augmentation many years ago, my inframammary fold was lowered to create the pocket for the implant. I am now having explant and... READ MORE

What will I feel after an explant of 495cc silicone which have been in for 3-4 weeks ?

Hi I am 20 years old, i decided to get 495cc silicone under the muscle inframammary, I am 6 days post op and I am in so much pain, my surgeon says... READ MORE

Breasts not at all similar after implant removal and lift 6 weeks ago? Areolas, inframammary fold, shape all different.

I had silicone implants placed in 1995. In 2012 I had them replaced them with Silicone gel. At the time of surgery I wanted my areolas reduced. My... READ MORE

During breast implant removal, how exactly is the natural inframammary fold re-created after it was surgically lowered?

I’m getting my breast implants removed with a complete capsulectomy and I’m NOT replacing my implants. My inframammary fold was lowered when I ori... READ MORE

54 years old, wanting saline implants removed (placed inferior areola 1999), along with lift. Should they be removed via areola?

I'm desiring to have my droopy, oversized (DD) saline breast implants removed, and I will probably want a lift (w/areola size decreased). Is it less... READ MORE

What is the recovery time for breast implant removal? I had 560cc silicone submuscular inframammary incision a month ago (Photo)

I was happy with my pre op breast shape but wanted more volume. I wanted to be a d cup and am now a 32h cup. I hate having breasts this large and want... READ MORE

Revision or explant and recommendations for new surgeon to help! (photos)

My plastic surgeon has destroyed my inframammory fold on my right breast since he put a larger implant in this side 350cc and could not get my upper... READ MORE

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