Heavy + Breast Implant Removal

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My Implants Are Heavy and I Want to Remove Them. I Went from a 34C to a 34DD?

I had a breast augmentation after 4 children because my breasts were saggy. I went from a 34c to a 34 DD and I hate them!. they are so heavy and hurt... READ MORE

Can my breast look normal if I have breast implants removed without replacing them? (photos)

I had breast implants put in under the muscle 8 yrs ago. I have 350cc. I became pregnant 6 months after. I feel top heavy with them. Never liked them... READ MORE

I would like to take my 14 yr old saline under the muscle implants out and get a lift. Should I do it at the same time?

Should I do it at the same time? Would I have a better outcome if I take them out and let my breast heal into their natural shape before I lift them?... READ MORE

Removal of under muscle implants - don't want a lift but will my natural breasts be okay without one? (photos)

I had a natural cup size of C impants before impants took me to E which are far too big and heavy. question is when I have them removed will I need a... READ MORE

After pregnancy, my size got from C to DD and end up with capsular contracture. Should I remove my breast implants? (photos)

After having a baby and breast feed my size got from C to DD full and also I end up with capsular contracture on my left breast now for 18 months.... READ MORE

Choosing a qualified Plastic Surgeon for breast explantation.. would it be better to go back to the same PS who put them in?

I want the procedure to not only be safe of course, but Not botched-looking (and the surgeon who put them in did a great job of making me look... READ MORE

I'm wanting to have my 10 year old implants removed. Will a lift be necessary? (Photo)

10 year old implants fall to the sides majorly when I lay on my back. They feel very side heavy and the muscle scrunches when I flex. Before implants... READ MORE

I'm wanting my 10 yr old 450cc saline over the muscle implants removed with a lift. What is the average cost and outcome?

I am 5 ft 6 and about 140 athletic and my implants just don't fit into my lifestyle anymore, they are heavy and painful. I had a saggy C cup prior to... READ MORE

Procedure recommended?

Had implant/lift 7 yrs ago, doesn't look as if I had a lift at all now, feels very heavy, now causing back pain. What procedure do you recommend for... READ MORE

How long should breast implants take to soften after they've already dropped? (Photo)

I am 3 months post-up 350cc hp silicone breast implants. They have mostly dropped. The left a little more than the right, so far, but they still feel... READ MORE

Can you get a breast lift while awake? I would love to get my implants removed and a lift.

I got implants 10 years ago when I was 25 I will be 35 in June, since then I had a little boy and nursed him for two years. I have also lost over... READ MORE

1.5-year-old saline breast implant removal. (Photo)

I have had my saline implants for a year and a half. Since having my 2nd daughter, they are just heavy, annoying, and in the way. No health issues but... READ MORE

Will I need another lift if I have my implants removed after having a previous lift w/ augmentation less than a year ago?(photo)

I had a breast lift and augmentation in October 2015. I am pretty happy with how they look, just ended up being too big for me. I already had 32c and... READ MORE

4 weeks post op, my breasts is in pain and sore. How soon could I have them out?

I had 500cc implants 4 weeks ago and I had a blood clot in my left breast this was drained and is fine now, however my right breast is still so sore... READ MORE

Implant removal and possible lift. Implants put in 1.5 yrs ago are too large, heavy and not what I necessarily wanted (Photo)

Can anyone give best advice on lift procedures that seem best with minimal scarring that will last? My implants are submusclar. I Have considered Dr.... READ MORE

Implants removal after a two weeks ?

I want to remove my implants. its been a week for my surgery and I cant live with it! its too heavy and i barely can feel okay or breath. i got 350 cc... READ MORE

What is the best way to approach implant removal after 21 years?

I had my implants put in under arm under muscule 21 years ago i went from 34B to 34 full C now im 34E im not confortable i feel havy my bra cuts into... READ MORE

How long will it take to get better? I had explant 4.5 months ago.

I still have bruise-like pain, heaviness and itchiness in my left breast after explant over 4.5 months ago. There is no seroma, hematoma or fluid... READ MORE

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