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Removing Breast Implants Due to Illness

What is your opinion on women wanting their breast implants removed due to illness? Why don't doctors mention this procedure to women wanting... READ MORE

Truthfully, How Many Have Patients with AIl and Other Health Problems Since Having Breast Implants? (photo)

How many patients do you have with implants that also have health issues such as cfs and fibromyalgia since having implants put in. I am curious as... READ MORE

Follow-up Question: What happens if the capsule is left in during explant?

34 yrs old. Saline implants placed July 2015 via armpit. Breast are soft & squishy, no pain, no hardening & no actual problems with the... READ MORE

If you are removing silicone gel breast implants because of health reasons, do you remove the capsule?

I am getting an explant and wanted to know why or why wouldn't a doctor remove the capsule? Most women say they still remain sick unless the capsule... READ MORE

Thinking about breast explants worried how they are going to look after doing it for health reasons. (photo)

Hello I had breast implantation in March 2012 I have started getting sick for about a year ago Tingling in my arms, fatigue, dry mouth, difficulty... READ MORE

I just had my saline implants removed after 16 years. Why is one yellow? (Photo)

I have had weird health issues for a long time now and I know they're related to implants. But now they are out, do I need to take any antifungals or... READ MORE

What are my options to remove old saline implants due to repeated capsular contracture? Black mold causing health issues (Photo)

In 1999 I had a breast augmentation from a saggy C to DD - NOT what I had envisioned! Within less than a year my right breast became hard and... READ MORE

Can I do a capsulectomy with local/twilight anesthesia? And what's the risk of not removing my capsule?

Hello I have 9 years old silicone implants over the muscle, I'm planning in doing a explant surgery, can I do a capsulectomy with local anesthesia/... READ MORE

Is a breast capsulotomy really necessary for better health?

I had a Bilateral Breast Augmentation with Saline Implants under the muscle in 2000 at the age of 37. I had no problems with my surgery and was very... READ MORE

Breast implants behind muscles causing pain in neck, shoulders and back?

Had breast augmentation in 2014 , 1 year after started getting eye pain , after a few months they found out that I have occipital neuralgia. Treated... READ MORE

Does capsular contracture cause severe acne breakouts?

I have capsular contracture grade 4 in both breasts and getting them removed in two months. I was curious if anyone knew if they brought on severe... READ MORE

Could removal of a 45 year old silicone gel implant cause health issues?

My one silicone implant is 45 years old. My other breast does not contain an implant. Could I experience health problems from removing this... READ MORE

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