Healing + Breast Implant Removal

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How Long Do I Have to Worry About Possible Seroma After Explant of Breast Implants?

I am having my saline breast implants removed without replacement. This will be a simple removal, no lift or capsulectomy/capsulotomy. I inquired... READ MORE

Breast Implant Removal / Explant After Capsular Contracture, Will Tissue Soften Over Time?

Hi! I had capsular contracture in one breast (really hard and deformed breast). After an unsucessful revision I decided to have the implant out. The... READ MORE

How to Increase Skin Elasticity After Breast Implant Removal?

A year ago I put in a 280cc high profile, turning me form AA to C. I am getting it removed and know that there will be some sagging. Is there anything... READ MORE

Will my Breasts Go Back to Normal? (photo)

I recently had implants removed after having them in for only 3 months. I'm 3.5 wks post op from removal. My PS's response to removal was, "The good... READ MORE

How Long Does Implant Removal Healing Take?

Removing implants 2-3 months post op, they're not for me. How long until my muscles and everything are healed and I no longer feel pain in my breasts... READ MORE

Roughly how long does it take to heal after implant removal?

I have already made up my mind to have my implants removed. I am not looking to be persuaded to keep them. I have had 500cc Mentor HP Saline implants... READ MORE

How Long for Scars to Heal From Breast Implant Removal?

Hello, i had my submuscular breast implants removed one month ago. How long will it take for the scars to feel smoother? My scars are under the... READ MORE

I had an infection. How Long Do I Have to Wait After Implant Removed Before Getting New Ones Placed Back?

I had to have my implant removed do to an infection in the arm pit incesion (infection did not spread to implant or pocket they removed it for safety... READ MORE

Why Do I Need a Capsulectomy?

Long story short, I developed an infection from my first Breast Augmentation and the implant needed to be removed. During this surgery the surgeon... READ MORE

I Am Having a Breast Explant Months After Original BA, Will the Scar Heal As well As After BA?

I had 275cc dual plane 5 weeks ago, and haven't liked them since day one. I am having them removed (explant) 3 months after orginal BA date. Does... READ MORE

7.5 weeks post explant after an unhappy revision in Jan 14, revision included capsulectomy for CC and implant exchange (Photo)

Hi,Following my explant I am having some issues with my areola folding underneath my nipple. When I am cold the outer edge of the areola also has some... READ MORE

Implant removal to repair symmastia. Does the tissue heal better with them out temporarily? (photos)

I am 4 months post revision for symmastia and as you can see the sutures did not hold. My surgeon is excellent, experienced and board certified and he... READ MORE

How long should I wear a sports bra?

Hi, I have had an explantation, with no lift, 2 weeks ago. I was wondering how long I will have to wear a sports bra before I can switch to a regular... READ MORE

When will the pockets heal or how soon can I begin massaging and exercising them to help with the sagging?

I had 500cc saline mentors placed above the muscle and had implant removal 5 days ago. I had big breasts to begin with and now want to try to improve... READ MORE

How Much Time After Explantation is Needed for Breast Tissue to Heal?

Sorry for my bad English.My 1 surgeon made big mistakes and I have lateral and inframammary over dissection of the pockets(bottoming out+implants goes... READ MORE

My boobs still hurt. It's bearable however I am wondering when they won't ache?

I am 3 month post op from an explant with capsules removed. My boobs still hurt. How long does it take to heal internally? READ MORE

What is the Outcome or Results of the Breast Implant Removal Only Two Weeks of Implant?

I had a breasts implant on May 1, 2012 and I had it removed two weeks later on May 18, 2012. I was having an emotional breakdown during the two weeks.... READ MORE

Explant under local. Does it still heal well if the capsule is left in place without drains?

I'm having my 20+ yr old implants removed under local at a surgery center. My PS explained what seems like a simple procedure….however, he will not u... READ MORE

Explant tips - How can I ensure scar tissue doesn't stick together and retract during the healing process?

I'm due for an explant soon, I've seen some cases where ladies have had an explant and whilst healing, the scar tissue within the breast seems to... READ MORE

I'm having explant procedure done in 2 week & 6 weeks to heal before a lift. Will I lose all sensation with the lift? (photo)

I have had two BA. I should have had a lift initially but felt I was urged to do a saline implant instead. I then lost 25 lbs and was not happy with... READ MORE

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