Hard + Breast Implant Removal

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What Will Breasts Look Like if Implants are Removed?

I had implants oct 2009 but imcapsulation so had them redone oct 2010, (teardrop) but i am not happy with them, they are very hard and hate them,... READ MORE

Sharp Stabbing Pain in Breast 6 Years Later

I had my implants done 6 years ago and never had any problems untill a few month ago, i started getting sharp stabbing pain in left breast. i finally... READ MORE

1 Month Post Breast Implant Removal, One Breast is Hard, is Something Wrong?

I had my breast implants removed a month ago and I'm really concered. My left breast is bigger than my right which is typically normal, but the... READ MORE

Can anything be done to improve the appearance of my breasts post explant? They are scarred, pitted and wrinkled (Photo)

I was assured I had dissolvable sutures at the time of surgery but after contacting other women who used the same surgeon, and contacted new surgeons... READ MORE

Hard Remains After Large Implants Removed Aug 2011, Due Encapilated Right Breast. What Are Options To Remove Mass?

Right breast has a huge mass of scar tissue left, or something hard left...the surgeon that did prior implant surgery, only agreed to remove implants... READ MORE

What size would I be after breast implant removal? (Photo)

In December 2008, I got 400 cc saline breast implants. 2 months after surgery, I developed capsular contracture. In April 2009, my plastic surgeon... READ MORE

Does insurance apply if breast implants need to be removed?

I am 72 yrs old and have had saline implants for over 40 years. Left breast is getting hard and sore. I suspect that the right breast has had a slow leak. READ MORE

Can I have breast implants removed on the NHS when they were put in by the NHS (43 years ago)? (photos)

I had saline breast implants put in by the NHS (yes I was a sad case!) 43 years ago. They are now extremely hard (capsular contracture?) and it was... READ MORE

After having my implants removed I'm having hard lumps form size of lemons. What is this?

The tissue has hardened in one breast and is painful to touch. It is positioned midline from above nipple to the horizontal incision under the breast?... READ MORE

Can silicon implant removal & fat transfer enlargement be done in the same surgery?

I had silicone implants about 40 years ago. The first time I realized they'd become encapsulated, a doctor popped them in his office by manual... READ MORE

34 year old implants. Very hard. Do these have to be removed because of their age? Can they be replaced with new ones?

I'm 60 years old & my implants are 34 years old. They are very hard (as you might have thought) and I worry that these are too old. Many years ago... READ MORE

Would I need a lift after implant removal? (photos)

I got a sub muscular breast augmentation a year ago and I am very dissatisfied as they have become droopy and hard. My right breast is distorted and... READ MORE

I'm 62, on Medicare--want to explant "over the muscle" implants. Will I need to remove encapsulation? Will Medicare pay?

'97 I was 125# & 36 D; my R breast saline encapsulated & re-implanted to 36DD. I have degenerative spine & steroid injections & age issues=I'm up to... READ MORE

I want an explant. How long do I need to wait to have it done? I had breast augmentation in March (Photo)

I want to Thank all the doctors that have given advise in my complicated healing process with the augmentation and mastopexy 3/15. The situation is... READ MORE

Why 3+months after explant do the pockets keep filling with fluid?

Over 3 months ago i had my small over the muscle silicone implants removed.. was fine a couple weeks then they blew up larger than when i had implants... READ MORE

Hematoma like lump in breast 10 months after explant. Is this normal?

I noticed soon after explant that my right breast seemed to have some harder tissue inside. 10 months later I feel a lump the size of a small plum.... READ MORE

Breast implants removal - left breast hard. (photo)

Hi, I had my breast implants removed five months ago. While my right breast is soft and healing nicely, my left breast is rock hard. There is a huge... READ MORE

I want my implants removed. I had 410 cc and am a DD now. I have had them for 17 years. They are lumpy, bumpy and hard. (Photo)

Breast inplant removal, neecd help finding a dr who will finance me. I have been turned down by care credit READ MORE

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