Flexing + Breast Implant Removal

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My Muscles Still Flex After Implant Removal, Will This Get Better over Time?

I had silicone implants for three months and then I removed them because I didn't feel happy with them, nor the muscle flexing. Now it's two... READ MORE

Can the Chest Muscle Be Fixed if It Moves Weird (Up and Out) After Having Breast Implants Removed?

I had breasts implants for 9 years and removed them 6 months ago because of the way the muscle moved them when flexing the muscle, but now even... READ MORE

Will Flex Distortion ever go away - even after explant? (Photo)

I had a lift with 250cc saline implants in February. 7 months later I chose to have implants deflated due to flex distortion and lateral displacement... READ MORE

I still have distortion when flexing more than 3 years after removing my implants. Can it be fixed?

I had sub muscular implants (with a lift) with bad distortion. Then moved to sub glandular.. At that surgery my capsules were removed & muscles... READ MORE

Breast distortion and pulling sensation remain 3 years after implant removal. (photos)

Had 12 yr old implants removed without a lift 3 yrs ago. Skin returned nicely over ~6m but immediately after had distortion w flexing and a pulling... READ MORE

Will explant alone likely result in a double bubble look because my crease was lowered in original BA? (photos)

I had a breast aug nearly three years ago with 350 cc smooth silicone gel implants placed submuscularly w/ a crescent lift. Within a few months I... READ MORE

Abnormal crease forming across bottom half of my right breast after implant removal. (Photos)

During an implant revision several years ago, a doctor lowered the crease on my right side, so when the doctor removed the implants he raised the... READ MORE

1 yr post explant of 325cc under muscle and my pectoral muscle is causing deformity when I flex. Do I need another surgery?

My pectoral muscle is causing this deformity. I was told it would have to be reattached to the chest wall surgically as it was separated from my chest... READ MORE

Why do my breasts look like this when I flex? 350cc implants removed (Photo)

Hi there. I had my 350cc under the muscle silicone implants removed this December 2014. No major complications, but I have small chest muscles so I... READ MORE

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