Explant + Breast Implant Removal

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Will Breasts Sag if I Decide to Explant?

What if you decided to explant? Will your breasts sag? READ MORE

Nipple and Areola Caved in After Explant Surgery. Permanent?

I am three weeks post explant. I had silicone implants for 30 years and had them removed due to rupture. I am devastated with the outcome. I am 56... READ MORE

How Do I Find a Trustworthy Doctor for Breast Explantation?

I need to get an explantation, but don't have any idea how to find a surgeon. How do I find a trustworthy doctor to do the procedure? My GP couldn't... READ MORE

"Internal Lift" with Breast Explantation?

Ive read through most of the stories on explantation.com and most of the after photos look really nice. Seems like a very popular explant surgeon is... READ MORE

Will I Need a Lift with Explant?

I had a breast lift 3 yrs ago. I then added HP mentor 350cc implants a year later. I now feel as my breasts are too big (32DD) and want to explant. I... READ MORE

After Explantation W/o Revision, Will Internal Breast Lift Minimize Breast Tissue?

33 y/o 100lbs. Explanting after 10yrs of saline implants 300cc. No weight gain nor pregnancies. Concerned of outcome b/c skin has been stretched so... READ MORE

Sports Bra Necessary Following Explant?

I had an explant 1 week ago with removal of the implants not the capsule. They had been in place for 2 years. I had a previous lift and was fortunate... READ MORE

Risks of Explantation of 500cc Under Muscle Silicone Implants Thru Areola? (photo)

I'm wondering if there will be deformity to my nipples, or the caved-in look from going thru the areola versus removal from under the breast, as they... READ MORE

Necrosis? Source of Infection?

I had asked about Strep g infection and implant removal.Thank you to all that replied. Here is my RB 7week post op.415cc Naturelle allergen (gummy... READ MORE

Louisville Breast Explant

I am very fearful of going through explantation surgery due to the possible aesthetic outcome. I would love any references for experienced doctors in... READ MORE

Do the irregularities after explanation represent the original inframammary crease and/or adhesions? How to resolve? (photo)

My explant was performed almost five years and I have had these folds or dents since the surgery. Fat transfer and placing a new implant are NOT... READ MORE

Will I Have my Breast Volume Back After Explantation?

I was a small B cup before, and my doctor said that my breasts might even look better due to the pocket he created for the implants. But now, my... READ MORE

Pictures of over 60 explants without lift pictures. Is that because they look bad?

I have seen only one over 60 explants without lift pictures. Is that because they look bad. Seems no one older post pictures. I am 64 and want to explant. READ MORE

Unilateral or Bilateral Explantation?

Hello Doctors - What are the pros and cons of unilateral vs bilatral explantation of breast implants when one side of the breast is fine? If I have... READ MORE

Is Explantation the Best Option for Bottomed out Implants?

I had 2 failed bottoming out and lateral displacement revisions. My Breast Implants are 350cc. The problems is in the first surgeon, not implants. My... READ MORE

After Explant Surgery, Will Pectoral Pain and Weakness Be As Great As It Was from the Original Surgery?

I am extremely athletic, engaging in activites where I rely heavily on arm balance and core strength. I had severe pectoral weakness after my augment... READ MORE

Explant a Complex or Simple Operation? (photo)

Is explant of breast implants a very complex of fairly simple operation? I have slight bottoming out on my one breast. I had 330cc HP placed 7 months... READ MORE

5 weeks post op, how long before we can sleep without a sports bra?

I would like to get other's opinions on how long, in general, we need to wear a sports bra "all the time". How long before we can sleep without one or... READ MORE

Will I Still Be Able to Breastfeed if I Undergo Explantation During Lactation?

I would like to have my silicone implants removed, but am still breastfeeding a 7-month old. Is it possible to maintain lactation after this... READ MORE

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