Encapsulated + Breast Implant Removal

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Scared of What Breasts Will Look Like After 23 Years of Silicone Implants over the Muscle?

I'm 48 w/silicone implants over the muscle for 23 years. They're encapsulated, but still maintain nipple location and look good w/no... READ MORE

Fully encapsulated implants, they look like bullets on my chest. I want implants removed but don't want to be flat again (Photo)

My first implants were in 1999, then I had a Capsulectomy and new implants in 2005. They quickly became hard again. I now want them removed without a... READ MORE

My silicone breast implants were placed in1983. Will Medicare/United Healthcare supplement cover any of the costs involved?

The right implant has become very hard and encapsulated and migrated higher two months ago. It has become painful and restricting my shoulder movement... READ MORE

Bilateral Breast MRI of 35 Yr Old Silicone Gel Implants Shows Intracapsular Rupture. SOS PLS?

I am a 59-yr old with 35 year old subpectoral silicone gel implants. There's been encapsulation over the years which i am familiar with. However, 6... READ MORE

What Options Are to Have a Breast Removal Without Look Too Flat and Wrinkle?

I have my last procedure 10 years ago the ones before were encapsulated and I had pain and discomfort. Now my implants are under the muscle but taking... READ MORE

Can deflated saline implants be safely left inside the breast once all fluid has been drained?

I had saline implants 350cc in June 2014. I am 64. By Dec. 2014 the left breast had encapsulated and sat much higher on chest wall. PA 'fixed' the... READ MORE

Are there any special considerations to be aware of as I begin my search to find a surgeon to remove my 40 year old implants?

I am a 70 year old woman with 40 year old implants that encapsulated years ago. My left breast has become somewhat distorted from the implant now... READ MORE

I Have COPD Can I Get Both my Implants Removed As the Left One is Encapulated?

Hello, I have had my saline implants since 1993,a few yrs. ago my left breast has encapulated and the right breast lost saline solution. I am 61 yrs.... READ MORE

I am 70 years old, got my saline implants put in 40 years ago. The left one is encapsulated.

I'm heavier than I was 40 years ago, and my nipples are now pointing to the floor. Also, the left breast is encapsulated and hurts almost all the time... READ MORE

Poor Outcome of Removal. Any Suggestions?

My first implants were in 83. Got them replaced in 2006. Left side kept encapsulating. Last surg was 2007. Got mentor gel under the muscle. Left... READ MORE

Can silicon implant removal & fat transfer enlargement be done in the same surgery?

I had silicone implants about 40 years ago. The first time I realized they'd become encapsulated, a doctor popped them in his office by manual... READ MORE

Best explant procedure for removal of potentially leaked silicone from encapsulated ruptured 39yr old silicone implants? (Photo)

Patient is 61 yrs, silicone implanted in 1976. I think implants are on top of muscle. I would like to follow explant with breast lift &/or autologous... READ MORE

I'm 62, on Medicare--want to explant "over the muscle" implants. Will I need to remove encapsulation? Will Medicare pay?

'97 I was 125# & 36 D; my R breast saline encapsulated & re-implanted to 36DD. I have degenerative spine & steroid injections & age issues=I'm up to... READ MORE

Do I need my breast implants removed?

Silicone implants placed 1979, never a problem-placed over muscle..diagnostic mammogram says encapsulated and slight leak on one side..no mri done.... READ MORE

My implants (done 45 years ago) have become encapsulated and are causing back pain.

At my age (70), is it a good idea to have them removed? I am in good health, except for the back pain. What would be the approximate cost...obviously... READ MORE

Will the look of my breasts change after removing deflated implants?

I had saline implants of 17 years deflated ~ 5 months ago. They were both encapsulated & "calcified" causing pain. Love the look & feel of my... READ MORE

My silicone implants are 35 years old, and they are ruptured/encapsulated. How can I prepare for explantation?

What can I do to get my upper body in the best shape physically possible for this procedure. I am frightened and don't want to feel like a monster. I... READ MORE

How can you deflate an encapsulated saline implant?

Would like to remove without replacing. Suggestions on a specialist in Tallahassee FL area. READ MORE

Want to explant 20 year old silicone implants. Are they painful due to scar tissue encapsulation or tumor?

Want to remove silicone implants I've had for 20 years. Would like to know if they are painful due to scar tissue encapsulation or tumor. How can I... READ MORE

Could Scar Tissue or Left over from Breast Explant or Silicon Particulates Cause Cancer?

I had my encapsulated breast implants removed a little over a year ago. Last week, I had the first mammogram since the surgery. I just received a... READ MORE

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