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How Do I Find a Trustworthy Doctor for Breast Explantation?

I need to get an explantation, but don't have any idea how to find a surgeon. How do I find a trustworthy doctor to do the procedure? My GP couldn't... READ MORE

Are There Any Doctors Who Specialize in Implant Removal AND Fat Transfer to Breasts?

I want to have my implants, (sub-muscular) of 10 years removed, no lift, and replace some volume with a living fat, transfer to my breasts. I started... READ MORE

Who'd You Recommend for Breast Implant Removal in New York?

Can I have my Implants Removed without getting a Breast Lift? I am African American and I'm prone to keloids! Are there any good New York City... READ MORE

Please Recommend an Expert on Breast Implant Removal in the Ohio Area?

I'm 58 years old. I had Silicone Breast Implant surgery 27 yrs. ago. Implants were placed behind muscle wall. Been having some pain in my left breast.... READ MORE

Louisville Breast Explant

I am very fearful of going through explantation surgery due to the possible aesthetic outcome. I would love any references for experienced doctors in... READ MORE

Doctor Recommendations for Breast Implant Removal in Miami

Hi, i need to have my silicone implants removed. possible rupture in both. does anyone know of a good doctor in miami fl that removes them. thanks READ MORE

Breast Implants Removal with Capsulectomy?

I had 400cc silicone gel put in(dual plane) 8 weeks ago and want to remove them. Went back to the original dr to discuss expant w/capsulectomy and he... READ MORE

Breast Explant Cost in Houston Area

I just went for a consultation to have my breast implants removed because of a rupture (Saline). I was floored by the cost of the estimate. I want... READ MORE

Doctor Recommendation for Breast Implant Removal in Sacramento, CA

Looking for a surgeon in Sacramento, I have Capsular Contraction grade 4. Silicone implant over the muscle Nov 2010. I am not sure if I need a... READ MORE

New York Breast Explant Surgeon Recommendations for Leaking Implant

I Need a Dr in Ny That Does Alot of Explantations.  i hv had a masectomy on one breast and at frst had a sline implant. it leaked and was... READ MORE

New York Breast Implant Removal Doctor Recommendations

I am 26 y/o Asian female, 4'10 3/4'', 115lbs. I recently had breast augmentation done on 12/9/2010. The surgeon did a great job and they... READ MORE

Looking for a Good Doctor to Remove Breast Implants in Nj/ny Area?

Hi im looking for a plastic surgeon in the nj/ny area who does breast implant removal for around 1,800 any out there? Thank you READ MORE

Germany Plastic Surgeon Recommendations

I have had silicone implants since 1999, so far no side effects, but want to have them removed just in case. Can anyone recommend a surgeon who will... READ MORE

Searching for PS who performs en bloc explant surgery

I am looking for a surgeon who is experienced with en bloc removal of breast implant and capsule in one piece. Thank you! READ MORE

Florida Breast Implant Replacement

Does anyone know of a Plastic surgeon in the south Florida area able to perform this type of procedure, to remove old implant and repalce with new? READ MORE

Kansas City Breast Implant Removal Doctor Recommendations

Recommend a Dr in Kansas City for Breast Explanation READ MORE

Michigan Doctors: Most Reasonable Explantation Cost with No Frills For Breast Implant Removal?

Hello, I'm a full time medical student that has no income, but desperately needs implants removed. I've checked around my area and the cost is... READ MORE

Doctor Recommendation in Seattle to Deflate an Implant

One of my saline implants deflated on its own 2 weeks ago. I cannot afford to have them surgically removed at this time (I'm not working and am... READ MORE

Explant with Fat Transfer

I have Saline Implants, one has deflated. No capsular issues. How much should this cost to have removal and fat transfer to breasts? I am in Tampa.... READ MORE

Suggestions of Good Explant Doctors in Houston?

I am think about having my implants removed. I very unhappy with them the were huge for my small frame body. Went to a doctor in houston unsure about... READ MORE

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