Deflation + Breast Implant Removal

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Affordable Options for Saline Implant Removal?

I had saline implants inserted 9 years ago, and one them deflated 3 days ago. I have no interest in ever having it replaced, and would just like both... READ MORE

How Much is the Cost (Approximately) for a Saline Breast Implant Deflation Procedure?

One of my saline breast implants has ruptured. Rather than replacing my implants, I would like to have the other one deflated also. I have read that... READ MORE

Breast Explant and Lift Without Getting More Implants?

I had my saline implants deflated 3 days ago. The Dr pulled out 190 ccs from each breast. The bags r still inside me. They are very flat at the top... READ MORE

Worried About Deflation in Office Prior to Implant Removal? (photo)

400cc saline implants for 13 years. I am 5' 7", 120 lbs, 43 years old. After babies + breastfeeding, was a 32A. I am ready to be me again, no more... READ MORE

Can a Doctor Pop W/a Needle my Saline Implants. I Don't Like Them but Don't Want Surgery.

I heard of a person doing this and left the deflated implants in. It took just a few minutes. Can this be done? Since it's just saline are there... READ MORE

Deflation Before Explantation?

I recently decided to have my implants removed after 14 years! I have met with a number of surgeons all who recommended explantation with a lift. The... READ MORE

I Have Discomfort After Implants Removed. Please Help!

My left breast got surgery 4 times in 5 months. After removal of implants, I'm having so much discomfort in left breast. 1. My aroela caved in. 2.... READ MORE

Does Removing the Under the Muscle Deflated Saline Implant Decrease Breast Volume?

My saline implant deflated seven days ago. The breast looks pretty good in terms of size. Will I look significantly flatter when the empty shell is... READ MORE

Is It Normal to Feel Pain After Saline Implants Were Deflated? (photo)

Yesterday my plastic surgeon drained my saline implants. It will give me a chance to see my natural breasts, 19 years after implantation, and that... READ MORE

I Want my Breast Inmplants Deflated. Can I Do That Instead of Removal? Costs?

I had my implants done on 7/24/12 (Saline) and I hate them, and I want them deflated, they make me feel so fat and trapped, they are too big, The... READ MORE

Saline Implant Illness?

I had saline breast implants for 12 years. Last year one deflated. Immedialtey I noticed my arms had blotchy non itchy rash and I was slighty swollen... READ MORE

My doctor recommended deflation of 600cc Saline Implants when I want them explanted. Should I follow his procedure?

Saw board cert. plastic surgeon about explanting my 7 year old 600cc implants. Was 34a and now 34dd at age 29. No pregnancies and weigh the same as I... READ MORE

Can You Feel Deflated Saline Implants That Were Placed Under the Muscle?

I have under the muscle, saline implants that I would like to have removed. I can not afford the removal surgery right now, but would like them... READ MORE

Can I Have Saline Implants Deflated and Left in if I Can't Afford Removal?

My saline implants are 225 and under the muscle. I had lost a lot of weight due to stress from divorce, and was painfully insecure. It is 9 years... READ MORE

I've been told my implants are so large that my breasts after explant & deflated. Would compression aid in tightening the skin?

11 Years ago. I got a 375cc silicone over the muscle put in, I was a 34D and went to a 34E. 2 further pregnancies since implants, my bust size at this... READ MORE

What is reasonable expectation after explant? PS suggests deflation in the office first to see how tissue retracts? (Photo)

I got 400cc submuscular saline implants 12 years ago. I am now 31 and interested in an explant w/o replacement. I've had 1 pregnancy and breastfed for... READ MORE

Doctor Recommendation in Seattle to Deflate an Implant

One of my saline implants deflated on its own 2 weeks ago. I cannot afford to have them surgically removed at this time (I'm not working and am... READ MORE

Explant with Fat Transfer

I have Saline Implants, one has deflated. No capsular issues. How much should this cost to have removal and fat transfer to breasts? I am in Tampa.... READ MORE

Explant - Using Deflate?

How long can you go before you have to have the "bags" surgically removed after you deflate them? Do they cause harm if left in? Thank you for answering! READ MORE

Ruptured 13 Year Old Implant Has Deflated. Is This What I'll Look Like After Explant?

I have saline implants that are 13 years old. My right one has ruptured and deflated. I have an appointment to have them removed, but my question is... READ MORE

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