DDD Cup + Breast Implant Removal

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Will DDD Breasts Sag if Breast Implants Are Removed?

I have Saline Breast implants that I got 5 years ago. I always thought my boobs were too big. They are now a 32DDD. I'm 5'2'' 115lbs. In April 09, we... READ MORE

Currently 36DDD to 38DD Depending on Bras: What Size will I Be After Having 300cc Removed?

I had implants a few years ago (behind muscle and 300 cc) I am wanting to have them removed. What size will I be if I am currently a 36DDD - 38DD... READ MORE

I Want to Remove my Implants but I'm Worried About my Boobs Sagging and my Huge Nipples?

I'm 22 years old with sub muscular 360CC Natrelle Saline-Filled Implants. I underwent a breast aug. & a donut mastopexy 4 months postpartum my 1st... READ MORE

After having implants and a lift can I get a Explantation, Breast Reduction and a Lift? (photos)

I had my breast surgery 1 year ago, Here is a link to my previous question with photos. I don't like big breasts, I insisted to the doctor that I... READ MORE

Should I have implants removed with no lift and no further reduction? My implants occasionally hurt on my sides (Photo)

I have saline implants 350 cc, I got them 13 years ago when I was a 34-A. Since then I have gained weight and had two children. My boobs are now a 36... READ MORE

I'm 54 yrs old. I've already had 2 Breast Augmentation. Now I want an explant !Too big!!! Any suggestions? (photos)

I had my first BA in 2011 2nd in 2013, first set were way to big DDD. Second time I asked for a B with a lift. I'm still a D. I am 5' 125lbs. They are... READ MORE

Is implant removal my best option to be comfortable and natural again? How much sagging is expected?

I am 29 yrs old with one child. I have a petite body frame 120lbs at 5'1. Have 510 cc and am a 32ddd very uncomfortable with how large they are and... READ MORE

I want my breast implants taken out and not put back in.

Im tired of my huge 38DDD breast implants. I just want to feel comfortable. How much does it cost to just remove them? i need to feel healthy again. READ MORE

I had a breast reduction & removal of my Saline implants four weeks ago, breast size post-op?

Had a breast reduction and removal of saline implants, I'm 5 foot four and 180 pounds I was previously a 40 DDD breast, my plastic surgeon removed 938... READ MORE

Explanation of DDD saline implants. Cost?

Ok I'm having problem after problem with these DDD saline implants. I just want them out. Nothing else. I have already gone to Dr Who conducted this... READ MORE

Calling all San Antonio Texas doctors. I want these implants removed. What would be the cost? (photo)

Ok I'm having problem after problem with these DDD saline implants. I just want them out with a possible life. Depending on cost I will decide to go... READ MORE

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