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How Much Does Breast Explantation Cost?

I am now 63 and am beginning to realize that no other woman my age has such full and perky breasts as I do. I am beginning to feel self-conscious and... READ MORE

Silicone Breast Implant Removal and Replacement Cost?

How much does a silicone Breast implant removal and replacement usually cost? I had the original implants put in 23 years ago. I would like them... READ MORE

Affordable Options for Saline Implant Removal?

I had saline implants inserted 9 years ago, and one them deflated 3 days ago. I have no interest in ever having it replaced, and would just like both... READ MORE

How Much is the Cost (Approximately) for a Saline Breast Implant Deflation Procedure?

One of my saline breast implants has ruptured. Rather than replacing my implants, I would like to have the other one deflated also. I have read that... READ MORE

Do Doctors Ever Do Probono Work? I Really Need my Breast Fixed but Can't Afford This.

I've had my implants in for over 13yrs there over the muscle i got 475cc they are sagging really bad their just to big for me. I think i just want... READ MORE

Implant Removal Without Lift? (photo)

I had saline implants 15 years ago when I was very small. Now 20 pounds heavier, I'd like to have them removed. I think they make me appear heavier... READ MORE

Is it Possible to Remove Breast Implants with Local Anesthesia Under $1000?

Breast implant removal for $1000 or less using local anesthesia? I have saline implants done under the muscle, put in through the armpit. Have had... READ MORE

How Dangerous is It to my Health Not to Have Implants Removed when One Has Ruptured and is Leaking Silicone out of a Small Hole?

The silicone has started to ooze out of a tiny pinhole on the underside of my breast. Surgery is not an option as I am not financially able to pay for it. READ MORE

How Long Do I Need to Wait For Breast Implant Removal? I Want Them Out ASAP.

Breast Implant Removal? A little over a week ago I got breast implants that I thought I truly wanted. Now I feel I have made the biggest mistake of my... READ MORE

I Want my Implants Removed They Hurt Alot but I Don't Have the Money to Pay and Financing is Not an Option...Any Advice?

I had my implants with a breast lift done about 5 years ago. For the past year i have been wanting them removed because they are way to large for my... READ MORE

Breast Explant Cost in Houston Area

I just went for a consultation to have my breast implants removed because of a rupture (Saline). I was floored by the cost of the estimate. I want... READ MORE

I Want my Breast Inmplants Deflated. Can I Do That Instead of Removal? Costs?

I had my implants done on 7/24/12 (Saline) and I hate them, and I want them deflated, they make me feel so fat and trapped, they are too big, The... READ MORE

Can I have my breast implants removed with only local anesthesia?

I have had breast implants for some time now, since I was in my mid 30s. I'm now 63 and wanting them removed so that my mammograms will be easier to... READ MORE

Breast Implant Removal Cost?

Around what cost is a breast implant silicone removal? READ MORE

Cost of implant removal, breast reduction and lift?

I am looking to get my implants removed (375 cc saline, under the muscle), get a breast reduction (I'm currently a 36/38 GG/H) and a lift. When doing... READ MORE

What is the Downtime for Breast Implant Removal?

I would like my implants removed, they are hard and unnatural looking. what is the down time? the implants are under the muscle. What is the ball park... READ MORE

I Am Thinking of my Explanting Implants....but Not Sure How I Would Look After.

I am thinking of removing my implants. I was a 32 b after a baby and 7 months of nourishing her. I had 375 cc silicone gel implants put in last Feb. I... READ MORE

Is 500 Too Cheap for Saline Implant Removal?

Does price have anything to do with quality of a surgeon. I found a surgeon I like he has great reviews on every website. Hes on I... READ MORE

How much does a capsulorrhaphy cost on average?

My breasts go to the side when I lay down and my right breast implant looks fine when I'm standing, but when I lay down, it looks flatter than the... READ MORE

How much will it cost for a breast explant? What if I have a lift done with it? (Photo)

In May 2014, I had 400cc saline implant sub pec. I didn't like them as soon as I woke up from surgery And have been uncomfortable since. I was told by... READ MORE

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