Correction + Breast Implant Removal

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Can deformed breast from explant be corrected? (Photo)

I had my implant out 2 months ago, It has left my right breast deformed. Can this be corrected without another implant? The implants were in for 14... READ MORE

Any way to tell how bad my breasts will look after removal? (photos)

I had 475 cc silicone above muscle on feb 20th having them out April 17th. Went from tiny c cup to double D bra size No problems but this was a... READ MORE

How to correct bottoming out from having too much crease release and over dissection of the pectoralis muscle? (Photo)

I went into surgery with perky under muscle crease silicone implants and now my breasts look like they've aged 20 years. I had 450cc, then 300cc, now... READ MORE

Is it possible to correct loose skin and asymmetry after breast implant removal with a lift without implants?

After many years of problems with breast implants, several revisions not being able to achieve a good look due to rippling, asymmetry even after a... READ MORE

How to correct a muscle flex deformity correction upon implant removal?

I want to remove 400cc implants that I've only had for 4 months. When I flex my muscles my breasts get pulled up and crunch together. When I sneeze or... READ MORE

What would I look like if I remove both implants and no further reconstruction? (photos)

Left implant sliding again under my arm, after 3 surgeries to correct. what will be my look if I have both removed and no further reconstruction? READ MORE

What's the best way to correct tubular breast? It would be necessary to remove my actual prostheses?

Hi! Sorry for my english. I'm 21 yrs old, 8 months post op. I'm not happy with my result. I have tuberous breast.My doctor told me it would be... READ MORE

How can my breast be corrected after breast implants have been removed? (photos)

Explanted my 13 year old implants with capsule 7 months ago. Breast are different size and have adhesion on the left smaller breast. My scares sit... READ MORE

Could having my implants removed completely or perhaps replace with smaller implants correct the problem of a seroma?

I have had surgery Twice ,first time ever was 2007 second time in 2010 in order to correct a seroma on my breast. I was told the only way to correct... READ MORE

Fluid build up post implant removal.

I have had my implants removed and unfortunately my left breast has filled with fluid which has been drained, the fluid has built up again and I am... READ MORE

What is going on with my chest after breast implant removal and what do I need to do to fix it? (Photos)

I had breast augmentation 11 years ago. I was an A cup and went to a large C. I developed symmastia 4 months after & had correction surgery that... READ MORE

PIP were explanted. How to relief burning in armpits, left breast and deformity in left breast? (photos)

Weakness, interstitial cystitis? raptured PIP explanted a week ago. Both leaked into axilla. first silicone implants were sub glandular, 1996.... READ MORE

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