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Breast Explantation Due to Intracapsular Rupture with Fluid Build

Fluid build up in my right breast, ultrasound showed there is a thick film of capsular around my implant. Look swollen but no pain. I went to 2... READ MORE

Would it be best to drain or remove my saline breast implants?

If I drain my saline breast implants how long would it take for my breast skin to firm up and my breast tissue to "fluff" per say compared to removing... READ MORE

Capsulotomy or Capsulectomy? What is best for severe capsular contracture?

I have baker grade IV capsular contracture which is extremely uncomfortable and painful. I was wanting dr's opinion on which procedure is best and... READ MORE

Which would you recommend after implant removal; mastopexy compression bra vs underwire bra?

Hello my surgeon let me know that I would not need to be wrapped after surgery nor would I need to wear a compression bra after my implant removal,... READ MORE

Which breast lift would better for me - the lollipop lift or an internal lift combined with benelli lift? (Photo)

I'm looking into getting my 492 cc silicone gel under muscle removed. I've had two consultations with two board certified plastic surgeons. I'm so... READ MORE

Is it harder to remove breast implants under muscle?

I saw many picturs about breast implants removed and i noted that after implant removed breast results better when implants are over muscle then... READ MORE

Update.. finally scheduled for explant in 6 days! Should I get en bloc or total capsulectomy?

I believe I have smooth saline under the muscle by Mehgan in June, 2005. 300cc in left 270 right, They are so firm right now, making it difficult to... READ MORE

What is the risk of disrupting breast vasculature and pneumothorax with capsulectomy? (Photo)

Over implants 26 yrs, explanting (no lift) because of baker 3 cc with up shift right side. One PS said he would remove both capsules, the other said... READ MORE

Oncologist vs. plastic surgeon for explanting?

Hi there, I am getting an explant by an oncologist, not a plastic surgeon. Can you explain if there would be a difference in the way either of them... READ MORE

Which is the best procedure for breast explant and uplift?

If the breast implant was done through armpit opening, could the explant operation using again the armpit strategy can perfectly and successfully... READ MORE

Can I achieve a feminine, perky silhouette by removing my old saline implants and lifting my natural tissue? (photo)

The last surgeon I saw said there could possibly be a leak in my 10 year old saline implants, but wouldn't know until they are removed. I am concerned... READ MORE

Do I have tuberous or constricted breasts? I was told NOT tuberous, but yes constricted. Thoughts? (photos)

I got implants in 2011. I never knew my natural breasts were "deformed" until my surgeon told me my breasts were constricted. Now I wonder if they... READ MORE

Breast explant surgery after 40 years. Which is safer: in office, or in a hospital under general with an anesthesiologist?

I am afraid of the psychological effect of no breasts, not fitting into clothes, etc. I have always had hard capsule, many immune issues, pain,... READ MORE

Saline Over the muscle Breast Implant Removal; Are they more difficult or easier less painful to remove?

I had Brest implants smooth saline put in via tuba method there's 400cc. above the muscle. I've had them for 11 years and not sure if I should have... READ MORE

How likely will my breasts return to normal after explant surgery? Total Capsulectomy or Capsulotomy? Possible complications?

I'm in my mid 20s and had silicone implants (250cc and 275cc) placed under the muscle 2 years ago. My right side has grade 2 capsular contracture,... READ MORE

Are there any recovery/risk differences with with Breast Implant Removal through the armpit rather than under the breast fold?

All the posts I've read talk about removal of implants from breast underfold. My implants were inserted through my armpit behind breast muscles. I am... READ MORE

Compression bra vs. sports bra? (Photo)

Hi, I was hoping you could tell me if there is a big difference between a compression bra and a sports bra. I'm having explant sugery on September 1st... READ MORE

Would you suggest a lift or no lift after explant? (Photos)

I have only had my silicone 345 cc HP submuscular implants for a year. I have decided to remove them soon. I am a 32AA, and a 32 C/ small D with... READ MORE

What is the main difference between an anchor lift and a lollipop ?

I'm getting my implants removed and my dr recommended a lift (anchor) I have 600 CC saline implants for just one year . Haven't had any children do I... READ MORE

Is capsule removal necessary during Implant Explant within 6 months of original BA?

I got 300cc saline implants about 5 months ago and have decided to have them removed. There are no issues-i have just decided they are not for me. Is... READ MORE

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