Chest + Breast Implant Removal

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About Implant Removal and Pectoralis Major Appearance and Function

Doctors continually disagree on this topic, can you help me sort this out? If I have my 10 year old implants removed, will my pec muscle continue to... READ MORE

Can the Chest Muscle Be Fixed if It Moves Weird (Up and Out) After Having Breast Implants Removed?

I had breasts implants for 9 years and removed them 6 months ago because of the way the muscle moved them when flexing the muscle, but now even... READ MORE

Is it necessary to attach the muscle to the chest wall when removing an implant that was placed under the muscle? (photo)

I had an breast explant last week and my doctor attached the muscle to the chest wall; so much so that my breasts (especially one) is completely... READ MORE

Is It Common to Have the Implant Placed in the Wrong Place and Taken Right Out?

I was suppose to have implants put in, he started on the first one and it went under my ribs so now i have three scars and no implants. There was also... READ MORE

Are capsule implant removals covered by ohip?

I was in an accident 3 yrs ago and insurance will not cover the removal of the implants and my original surgeon wants to charge me $5000 to have it... READ MORE

If capsule is stuck to chest wall is it okay to leave part of it?

I have two ruptured silicone implants - and one CC - one surgeon saying he would try to remove all intact - but won't know until he gets in there -... READ MORE

Infection in breast implant area after extensive dental surgeries, leading to removal of implants - HELP!

I recently had my implants removed after 3 yrs. due to pain in my chest. I had extensive dental surgeries last year and feel like I have an infection... READ MORE

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